Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hot Pink, Blue, & Khaki OOTD

As mentioned before, I am a color novice.  But I've really enjoyed seeing Kileen mix colors and now that she's introduced many other bloggers with her Color Brigade feature, I'm starting to experiment more.  This week features a BRIGHT pop of hot pink (though the photos show it to be a tad more muted) inspired by my DIY floral necklace.  I really wanted to be more daring, but with such a bright color, I decided to tone it down with more muted colors like blue and khaki.

Does this work?  Or am I off my rocker?  :D

Top: Martin + Osa Blue and White Striped Button Down
Cardigan: Old Navy, Facet Button Cardigan, Cyclamen, XS
Necklace: DIY Floral on Ribbon
Belt: BR Factory, Black & Brown Croc
Pants: Ann Taylor Khakis, Sz 2
Shoes: Gucci Magenta Wedges

The colors are actually more like above - but you get the idea - this is an older photo I'd taken of the necklace.


  1. Girl that completely works! It's classic but with a little spice! I love big floral necklaces...or anything really. Great way to dress up a basic oxford and khakis outfit with the hot pink!

  2. It totally works! I love the pop of pink and how you folded the sleeves of the oxford over the cardigan. Very pulled together.

  3. omg, this outfit definitely works! the hot pink is beautiful and i'm in love with the flower necklace! i think i'm gonna have to make one for myself this weekend. and i never thought pink looked so good on asian skin tones, but i'm gonna have to try that out now!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  4. The necklace is pretty! I see you kept the Gucci wedges. I ended up returning my flats since they were too big but kept the flip flops lol.

  5. Looks fine. Necklace might be an overkill. I'd mix it up with one of the other necklaces you have. or a flower pin instead.

  6. This look totally works. LOVE the floral necklace on you. I'm so going to copy with my J.Crew sash :P You pull off the casual but preppy look so well!

  7. I love it, particularly the shoes. :)

  8. Ramsey - Thanks so much for the super kind words! I'm glad it works - you're giving me much more confidence to try different combos :)

    A La Mode et Plus - Thank you for the vote of confidence and sweet words! I got the folded sleeves idea from Kelly @ Alterations Needed here:

    Kileen - Aww, thank you! Your color commentary means a lot! The flower necklace is easy - most are silk flowers that I plucked from around the house and the fluffy ones are tubes of fabric scrunched up (beads sewn in the middle).

    Jen - Hi Jen! Thank you! Yep! I kept the magenta wedges but returned the lavender ones. I tried the wedges too but they were actually too narrow for my feet.

    Aubrey - Thanks for weighing in - I really do appreciate your "tell it like it is" comments!

    Cee - Thanks so much, Cee! I do have a tendency to veer towards preppy :) Can't wait to see you work your J. Crew sash!

    Ruth Ann - Thank you love :) There's nothing a like a bright pair of shoes to lift the spirits on a cloudy day!

  9. Awww, your necklace is so pretty! I can't believe you made it.
    And that hot pink sweater is a keeper.

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  10. These colors def work!! I'm not into colors except pinks..but am trying to experiment more!

  11. hahah sometimes i'm harsh; sometimes i'm nice, but that way, you know I don't play favorites.

  12. I love the blue and hot pink combination. I can never pull that off.

    I am doing a J.Crew and Ann Taylor and a few other sites group order if you or anyone wants to join.

  13. Molly - Thanks! That's very sweet of you :)

    ReallyPetite - You really rock pink and I loved your PFC outfit!

    Aubrey - LOL, the blogger community knows you for your honest, no-nonsense opinions - you're like our gut check :)

    A.Li -Thanks - I bet you could! Had no idea about the group order, the next time I run into not meeting minimum order, I'll have to see if you're running another one :)


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