Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blue, Red, Cream, & Gray Nautical OOTD

Feeling nautical today and wanted to incorporate some COLOR for Kileen's Color Brigade feature.  I'm wearing Blue, Red, Cream, and Gray.  I'm starting to experiment with colored tights after seeing Cee and Kileen make it look so chic!  You can't really tell here - but these are actually navy blue tights.  They come across like a black because they are so opaque (unless you're in natural light).  I also picked up a purple pair today at Target for $5 but technically it was free for me because I had a gift card.  Go resolutions LOL!

Top: Banana Republic Navy w/ Cream Stripes, XS (old)
Cardigan: Ralph Lauren Aviator Blue, Girls Sz Large
Skirt: Antonio Melani Red, Sz 2
Tights: Talbots Navy Blue
Shoes: Ann Taylor Perfect Suede Pumps
Necklace: Freshwater Pearls


  1. Great top...I am completely digging stripes lately! You look awesome with your nautical self girl! Lovin' it!

  2. Oh, I absolutely LOVE THIS. I just bought a bunch of colored tights at Marshalls ($2 a pair..can't go wrong at that price).

    I actually am trying to find/make a red pencil skirt (solid red, I have a striped one) to wear with a similar sweater that is navy/white striped. This is gorgeous.

  3. Yay for coloured tights! : ) I haven't worn many different coloured ones, but you might've noticed that my tights come in different patterns.

    I like today's outfit! Such a great nautical feel to it.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  4. i love the red, white and blue combo!! i swear, that red skirt could go with everything -- it's so classy! and yay for colored tights! how crazy that i was so anti-tights for so long. :)

    cute and little

  5. what a classy outfit!! that red skirt is understated sexy and you definitely pull it off well.

  6. SPG- Great outfit! I love the colors. The red skirt looks gorgeous on you.

  7. Love this! I'm so into stripes right now but I'm worried I'll go crazy and ONLY buy stripes LOL! Great job!

  8. red, white (creamish), and blue is my favorite combo of colors! I love this look you have on today. colored tights are always tricky for me, but that's awesome how you're experimenting new things :) I think all the tights I have are just different textures/shades of black and greys. One of these days, I'm tempted to try the olive-greenish ones (like as seen on PAG of Extra Petite ;)

  9. Like Ping commented...classy! I really love this look!

  10. Ramsey - Thanks for dropping by and commenting! I heart stripes and would be embarrassed to tell you exactly how many striped garments I have in my closet LOL.

    Kerry - I can so see you wearing this (except with cuter shoes). I had a hard time finding red fabric of the right hue and texture! I was thankful to find this skirt marked down from $109 to $13 at Dillards.

    Jessy - I do love your patterned tights! You pull it off so perfectly!! I *accidentally* wore patterned tights the other day. I thought they were opaque with striped ribbing but it turned out they were sheer with stripes LOL.

    Kileen - Glad you went for the tights - how else would I have braved colored tights? :)

    Ping - Aww, thanks so much! I really do love this skirt!

    Jen - Thank you for the kind words!!

    Curls-and-Pearls - Teehee, I so love stripes!!! Thank you!

    Olyvia - This is my first time wearing the combo - I've always admired it on others but never tried it myself. Now I love it! I think olive green tights would be spectacular - I still need to get the thigh-high tights you mentioned in one of your posts.

    Michelle - Thanks so much - that's sweet of you to say :)

  11. Love this look! Very nautical and perfect for Independence Day too ;) After seeing you and Elle both wearing red pencil skirts, I may have to add it to my wishlist, hehe. What color tights are you going to try next? I went black -> gray -> navy blue -> burgundy + electric blue. Black seems so boring now, lol.

  12. I like your blog, its very nice... why don't we follow each other? Thanks, kisses.

  13. I'm loving your red skirt and the outfit looks so classic and sophisticated! Great job with the tights too. I haven't been able to pull off colored tights all that well, so I'm sticking to the boring neutral colors. =)

  14. That's what I love about BR stuff, the style is timeless and the quality keeps!

    Stay Happy and Positive!




  15. I LOVE your outfit! It's so nautical and preppy and I love colored tights too, definitely one of my favorites for the fall/ winter.


  16. I love the look you put together! Such a classic combo. I especially like how you paired it with pearls.


  17. I looove this red skirt on you SPG! I've been wanting the Ann Taylor one as seen on Elle, but the price (even the sale price) plus costly alterations has deterred me. I've never heard of Antonio Melani red...$13 at dillards?? So jealous!

  18. This whole outfit is fantastic! The colors and everything! Good job!!!

    This may be a stupid question but remember that pin you did a tutorial on- is that on your etsy shop?

  19. nautical theme is one of my favorites. never goes out of style.

    One of the things I'm thankful for: being petite and being able to wear horizontal stripes!!!

  20. Very classy outfit! I really like your red skirt. Great deal too. It seems to fit you well even with a size 2.

  21. Cee - Did you notice that the hem falls above the knee? LOL. Thank you! I think that was my previous fear of red/white(ish)/blue combos - I didn't want to look like the flag, but now I really like it! I really love the burgundy tights on you so I really want those and Jean's olive green ones :)

    Agora - Cute blog! Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    Stylepint - Thank you! To be fair, my foray into the colored tights looked relatively like neutral black :) On to burgundy, purple, and olive green!

    20 York Street - I do love this BR shirt - it's also uber soft! :)

    Amy - I wrote this on your blog already - but I really love your stripes + pink OOTD - fab combo!

    Petite Mom - Thanks so much! Playing with classics is a good way for a color novice like me to experiment :)

    Jean - Thank you! Whoops on the descriptions - I meant to write, Antonio Melani, Red (to indicate the color bc obviously everyone has black and white monitors only haha). It was a great deal! I bet H&M would have a great red skirt for a good price. I would love to see how you would work it into your ensembles!

    Annie - Thanks so much! :) I've actually been really horribly bad on keeping my Etsy updated. Was there a particular pin you were looking for? Just let me know and I can just send one to you :)

    Aubrey - I'm a big fan of nautical styles too! So true about petites being able to wear horizontal stripes - you have to be thankful for those details :)

    Sydney - Thank you! The skirt is a teeny bit big - it sits on hips rather than waist. I added some belt loops to it so I could just cinch it up without having to slim it (feeling lazy LOL).

  22. You should take pics of the Longchamp and ask us to help you decide! If it goes with your outfits, I say keep it. Only because lavender is a bit more original than what people usually get for that bag. : )

  23. love the nautical look! and you do it so well! that cardigan is great, p.s.

  24. This is such a pulled together and chic look!

  25. Jessy - That's a really good idea! I'll have to take some pics and do a posting - thank you! I really do love your Navy Blue version.

    Michelle - Aww, thank you for the kind words and for dropping by to comment!

    A La Mode et Plus! - Thank you so much!


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