Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Miss Sixty Outerwear Review

Typically, department stores are not the best place for petites to shop for outerwear.  The smallest sizes are usually 4s that are cut too generously.  But then, I found an exception - Miss Sixty.  I would say this brand fits mostly true to size.  In the vanity sizing world, I wear XSP/XS (sometimes XXSP) but the coats below are size S and fit really well.  In fact, I couldn't even button the XS sizes (blushes).

 I really love the double-breasted, belted style with zipper detail - I feel like it really cinches in the waist for a flattering silhouette.  Another great detail is a zip-up vest sewn into the jacket for extra warmth.

This Gray version is very similar to the black but does not have the belt.  I feel like it still fits well but isn't as flattering.  I think this may have to go back to the store - what do you think?  Keep or return?


  1. Oh! The black one is great! I agree...great details!

    The sleeves look slightly long on the black one, but even longer on the gray one. I definitely prefer the black over gray!

  2. Honestly, I like the gray one better :) Something about the black color is just overwhelming the petite figure. Regardless, both of them look really nice on you and also fit you well

  3. I like the gray version better too...the details are hidden in the black. I only have Miss Sixty shoes so I didn't know their clothes run small. Really cute though! I see them on sale from time to time, will have to try some on for myself. :)

  4. i actually really liked the grey one! i bought it before and have reviewed it awhile back. unfortunately the fit was not so great on me as it is on you!

  5. I really like the gray on you! I think it doesn't look as good as the black because it's missing the belt. The belt cinches in your waist and gives you a nice silhouette. If you do decide to keep it, I bet you can whip up a matching belt and loop holes in no time :)

  6. I love the black with the belt detail, and the buckles at the sleeves. Are the zippers on the sides actual pockets? I 'm very attracted to the black jacket! haha

  7. Michelle - I hadn't even noticed sleeve length until you mentioned it. That just goes to show you how observant I was when I took the pictures LOL!

    Sydney - I never thought about black being overwhelming - that's a good point. You just hear so much about black just being the end all / be all good color for everyone.

    Elle - Yes, you should definitely try their line of outerwear! I just saw that Nordie's is having an outerwear sale and I'm rather tempted to try this:

    Ping - I'll have to look back for your post! I'll do that right after this :)

    Cee - LOL - I hadn't thought of doing my own belt! I'll have to try that :)

    Olyvia - LOL! Yep, the zippers are functional pockets. The other pockets are nice too because they sit in the front instead of on the sides where your gloves can make your hips look way too wide for the rest of your body.

  8. i love all the detailing of the black jacket and love the beautiful color and cut of the gray jacket! you found some great coats! the gray one does look a little bit big in the sleeves so i would say if you did have to return one, return the gray.

  9. I like the black one, it fits well, the belt makes a huge difference, and maybe just shorten the'd be absolutely perfect!

    I love that the back gives you a little more emphasis on the you got that curvy look going on in 3d! =)

  10. I did not realize they were same coats in different color. If you just need one I vote for the black one but as I mentioned the gray one looks like a different coat in the picture (different in a good way). Black will be more universal, but gray looks trendy with those military buttons showing more (at least in the pictures). So, sorry not helping much. You're asking a wrong person :D


  11. Kileen - Thanks! I do like the gray color but I think I'm going to return and try to get a longer (possibly belted) version.

    Jiye - I do too :)

    Stylepint - I do love the hourglass-esque (or a much of a hourglass as you can get with my body type) look it gives me! I don't often get that :)

    Maya - They're actually different styles (but very similar!). The black is belted and slightly longer. Thank you for the input though - I really love the military buttons too!

  12. I like the black one!! I have one dress from this brand and love it! I cannot believe how long the sleeves are on the 2nd one..why don't they just make them shorter? :)

  13. I think the grey looks very sophisticated and can be abit more flattering with a tan leather belt around the middle... overall its an awesome pick in both colours ...


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