Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Massive Shopping Post & Reviews - J. Crew, H&M, & More!

Were you expecting LOFT to be in this list?  LOL, I think this is my first shopping / fitting room review post WITHOUT an appearance at LOFT.  :)

First, J. Crew reviews.  Like the rest of blogger community, I hit J. Crew's extra 30% off sale online after seeing it posted by Elle and was very excited when I got my shipment several days later.

This cardigan is making the rounds in the petite community (I believe Vicky, Elle, PAG, Really Petite and Alterations Needed have reviews thus far - let me know if I missed you and I'll add the link).  As Elle noted, the cardigan has weirdly tight sleeves but a loose torso.  I wore it under a blazer the other day but will also be trying it per PAG's suggestions for future occasions.  I love the color of this and despite the fit issues, I'm going to keep it.  I also ordered Weathered Wood but returned it because I was hoping for more a rust color and mine looked very brown.  After looking PAG and AN's posts, I'm thinking maybe I judged it too harshly from bad lighting.  Oh well, better for my wallet!
Verdict: Keep

Darla Ruffle Cami, Charcoal, Sz 0, $14 (orig. $88)
I love the silk material and ruffle detail.  It's a tad low-cut and big in the torso (particularly from the side), but silk for $14 is a good deal and the 2 cons aren't deal-breakers.
Verdict: Keep

Always Pocket Cardigan, Heather Dove, XXS, $17.50 (orig. $39.50)
I HEART this cardigan!  It's super soft  and it fits so well though the arms are a tad tight again.  Maybe my arms are just big for my body?  I'm going to use this as a basis for my future cardigan DIYs.
Verdict: Keep!
Pleated Flutter Shell, Gossamer Peach, XS, $14 (orig. $39.50)
Another super soft tank with a silk-trim placket.  It's a teeny bit loose but has a slim silhouette which is my primary concern.
Verdict: Keep

Muse Tank, Golden Topaz, XS, $21 (orig. $59.50)
I originally saw this on Vicky and absolutely loved it (PetiteXXS also reviewed this in Gray).  It does NOT look as good on me.  I like the color a lot but I'm not sure if this is a keeper.
Verdict: Undecided, what do you think?

Now on to the mall where I headed to H&M.
Gray Cowl Neck Sweater, XS, $15
How many gray cowl neck sweaters could a gal really wear (I bought this one at LOFT)?  Ordinarily, I wouldn't have bothered but the material was just super soft and I loved how this looked boat neck style (thanks PAG for the idea!).  Plus, it was only $15!
Verdict: Buy

Bird Print Blouse, Sz 4, $17.50
I love the whimsical bird print.  It's a tad short to wear with low-slung pants but I think it'd be perfect with a skirt.
Verdict: Buy

Next, after seeing Really Petite, Cee, and Elle review Express outerwear, I decided to go check it out myself.
I thought the fit was pretty good but I just didn't love it.  I don't think I can pull it off.
Verdict: No - wish they had it in Camel!

There was a brief instant wherein I thought I could pull this off.  But I definitely can't - I'll leave the leather jacket style to Really Petite :)  It fit well though!
Verdict: No

This looked very cute on the model but not so much on me.  It was a little bigger than I expected it to be.
Verdict: No

Ah, the famous coat seen on Cee and Elle (see links above)!  I had high hopes for this and the waist fit well but I just don't have enough substance in the chest area to fill it out so it looks a little floppy there.
Verdict: No

Phew!  That was a lot of shopping!  I must seem crazy but I will be cleaning out the closet for Goodwill donations.

And, just to put you in a festive spirit, here's my (failed) attempt at a gingerbread house.  I'll do better next year!  :)


  1. Holy Mega post! I love it. :)

    I really like the gold color of the Merino Chiffon Placket cardigan and wish I had ordered that in XS. I am returning the blue that I ordered because I can't make it work because of the tightness. Jean's suggestions were great but it was looser on her so she was able scrunch up. I love the various shells you got, I wanted to get Darla too but J. Crew size 0's with silk material tends to fit really big on me so I passed. I really like the muse tank on you, I vote keep that one!
    And the H&M cowl neck sweater is so cute, I love the gray. The one that PAG tried on went on sale at the Gpa for only $12 over the weekend. I picked up a few for my mom since she loves sweaters.
    And I love the Express coats you tried on...I have been wearing my camel one all the time but it's not the best fit for petites so I understand your hesitation. I think it looks really terrific on Cee because of her height.
    haha, sorry about the unnecessarily long comment...I just love fitting room reviews. :)

  2. I got the gold merino placket too! And the gold muse tank! Along with several other colors of both the placket and cielo cardigans! I went crazy!!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Oh wow, looks like you had a fun day at the mall! Where to start... I think every petite blogger has a J.Crew item in gold. It just looks so good on everyone. I think the muse tank looks fine on you. The arm holes aren't gigantic, which is nice. Are you second guessing the length? If so, what about tucking it in or wearing a long cardi over it?

    Cowl neck sweaters are so versatile. I've been wearing mine as a cowl (is that the right term? haha) and as a mock turtleneck. So comfy! The H&M one is definitely a keeper.

    I went and bought myself the Express moto jacket after seeing it on Really Petite, too! Still waiting for the package to come, but I got the XS too. Now I'm excited after seeing your pics. I dunno if I can pull it off either, but it's worth a shot :) Aww, too bad you didn't like the tiered trench. I don't have enough substance up top either lol. I tend to wear it with the top two rows unbuttoned so the flaps kinda fold over. I think that helps with the lack of substance, hehe.

    It's ok if the gingerbread house doesn't look amazing... because I'm sure it tastes better than it looks :)

    (deleted the previous post, too many typos!)

  5. I actually like the muse tank and the darla ruffle cami the most of the pictures. Somehow they really stand out in the pictures. The gold color of the muse tank is beautiful on you! I think you should keep it! I'm suprised with all this shopping you even had time for the gingerbread house! hahaha at least it still looks yummy!

  6. Out of all the items you reviewed, I think the Muse tank and the Darla Ruffle cami really stand out. It's great that you're doing these fitting room reviews so I can tell how things would fit! =)

  7. Wow!! So many great deals!

    I say "yes" to the muse tank. I have loved it on all the petite ladies who have shared it with us.

    Aww! I love the pic of the gingerbread house!! Hehe!

  8. great finds!! I love all of your J. Crew finds and and think the Muse tank looks really good on you. I would definitely keep!

    and as for Express, their jackets in XS run big. Annie and I both bought the XXS online. The sleeves are a tad long (1/2") but everything else fits perfectly! And jackets are on sale online!! :)


  9. Where to begin? So many goodies! The gingerbread house is cute...I'll wait until I have kiddies before attempting my own.

    The j.crew darla ruffle shell looks surprisingly nice on you! It was an awesome deal and I mulled and mulled and passed. Then I saw 0 in store and excitedly tried it on. the neckline was completely indecent...like hit BELOW where my boobs are so a tank underneath wouldn't have helped. Lucky you...it looks nice and maybe if you DIY take in the straps it will look even better.

    The H&M sweater looks super chunky and cozy! Not bad at all for $15. I've also seen their whimsical bird prints lately and am waiting for the right item to pick one of them up.

  10. @Elle - LOL - I love shopping posts too! :) I'm sorry that the blue didn't work out for you - I don't know why they make those sleeves so darn tight when they make the rest of it kind of floppy. And yes on the Darla being big - if it's kinda big on me, I know it's really big on everyone else. Thanks for the vote on the muse tank - sounds like it's a keeper!

    Oh wow, $12 is such a GREAT deal for those cowl neck sweaters! So sweet of you to pick some up for your mom :) Thanks so much for the thoughtful comments - they mean a lot to me!!!

    @Really Petite - Love all your J. Crew purchases and how they look on you!

    @Cee - I know I went a little crazy especially since I documented each garment, but hubby had a blast spending an ample amount of time at the Apple store LOL. I'm not sure what it is about the Muse Tank that makes me feel iffy about it - I think maybe because I look a little too straight up and down in it. I do think a cardi would help bc I do love the color! Oooh - how do you wear your cowl neck sweater as a mock turtleneck? Please inform :)

    And BTW - you can totally pull off the leather jacket look! Thanks for your feedback - it's always so very helpful!

    @Olyvia - Thanks Olyvia! I am going to keep the Muse Tank after all :) The gingerbread house was definitely yummy - we had a girls night in and each worked on one. Next time, I'm using stickier/thicker icing.

    @Stylepint - I do really love the Darla and will definitely keep the Muse Tank too - thanks!

    @Michelle - :) Thanks for complimenting my little gingerbread house!

    @Kileen - I'll have to try the XXS online - thanks for the tip!

    @PAG - LOL about the gingerbread house, my son did have a good time eating little bits of it :)

    Wow on how low the Darla neckline fell on you! I think I will take in the straps a bit - but want to make sure the zipper position doesn't fall too high. I've had a weird thing for birds lately and the H&M top just spoke to me - perfect timing! :)


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