Wednesday, December 8, 2010

LOFT Fitting Room Reviews - Sweater Edition

As mentioned in my last post, I ventured into LOFT to use up my $25 savings card.  Since the card could be used in conjunction with the BOGO 50% sweater promo, I focused on trying on sweaters.

First, my OOTD for the office holiday party:
I don't know that adding red and curling your hair automatically makes you festive, but it's worth a shot!
Red Cashmere Cardi: Macy's (old)
Top: The Limited Gray Blouse with Crochet Detail, XS (from summer)
Pants:  The Limited Drew Fit Trousers

And now the fitting room reviews:
I thought this looked adorable on the hanger!  After all, how can you go wrong with military style AND ruffles?  It mostly fit well but there was something about it that I didn't love.
Verdict: No

The body portion fit well but the sleeves were weirdly tight.
Verdict: No

I really liked the bow and rhinestone detail (not just the sewn-on "jewels", but ones that have actually been placed into settings) but the extra room in the middle seemed to make me look heavier which is never a good thing.
Verdict: No

I liked this a lot from the front (though I'm a little unsure how I feel about the slight inverted V of the hem) in the photo, but there was again some extra room in the torso:
Verdict:  Unsure, maybe if it goes on super sale

So all in all, I actually did pretty well.  I bought the 2 sweaters here and didn't even peruse the sale rack.  However, now that everything is extra 40% off, I can feel that familiar tug of temptation ;)


  1. I am so impressed, if I am in LOFT now I would be all up in the sale section. :) I actually like the military ruffle jacket on you but like the other two sweaters you got even more so I think you did really well! :)

  2. great sweater review and i agree with your verdicts on all of these. i tried on the military coat sweater too and it just seemed a bit off on me. i think it was maybe the ruffles around the hips? it just looked weird. I do like the jewel cluster cardigan but agree it has weird puffiness around the waist. maybe adding a skinny belt would help?

    and i'm a sucker for LOFT sales too... :)

  3. They keep having sales and sales and sales! i've stopped checking my emails because it's causing me to buy unneccesary things. Cute sweaters but I agree the cowl wrap ones you got in your last post are the best. The cowl neck in this post is cute too but gosh, why all that fabric by the tummy?

  4. I think your office holiday party outfit looks festive. Red is always an easy one for the holidays and curled hair = dressy, so the combo is perfect :)

    I swear I keep going back to LOFT's website to look for _anything_ to buy just because the 40% off is such a good deal. But... I can't find anything! Why oh why do they only have these promos when there's nothing I want -_- I agree with Elle, I like the military sweater coat on you.

  5. You did really well! I am addicted to LOFT...just bought some more stuff today:)

  6. i love your holiday outfit. the splash of red adds a nice pop of color and i do like the curls! i agree with you on all the items, i would wait for a sale too!

  7. For the LOFT of god, please stop w/the sales. They're putting a major dent in my bank account. I keep on buying things for myself and nothing for others. <<< naughty list for sure!

    Thanks for trying on these sweaters. I think I'm going back for that military sweater coat. Gotta use my $25 savings card too. However, I did read Vicky's blog (seen here:, and she scared me!!! She really made me question the jacket. I'm afraid it'll look like I'm wearing a "hula-hoop" or a "saucer" around my waist.

  8. Elle - LOL, there's still a little time left for me to check out the LOFT sale. Must. Restrain. Self. :D

    Kileen - I like the jewel cluster cardi too! I think I would get it if it was on further markdown. It's hard for me to buy something that needs "fixing" unless it's an awesome deal.

    PAG - I just saw that you had tried on the military ruffle jacket too (via vickysdailyfashion) and it looked WAY better on you!

    Cee - Thanks Cee, you're always saying the nicest things :) Oh me too! Thankfully the website is usually picked over and I'm not as tempted to buy there as in-store.

    Really Petite - Just saw your post - that cardi looks great on you!

    Ping - Thanks! Seeing your hair curled inspired me to curl mine ;) I'm just too lazy to do it on a regular basis.

    Aubrey - My sentiments exactly! I've been doing soooo much shopping for myself. Thanks for linking Vicky's blog! I love finding new LOFT reviewers :) From Vicky's blog, I saw that PAG had tried it and it looked super cute on her. Maybe just try it and see how it looks on you? It seems to look different on all 3 of us.

  9. Oooo, so glad that you found me. A loud thank you shout out for AubreyOhDang!!! Your office party outfit is adorable.
    I have just done a post that mentioned the Cowl neck sweater is on sale today only for $25. I bet you can use the $25 savings card on top of it too. :) I added the link to your post.

  10. Vicky - Thanks for visiting and linking me! I love your blog and love even more that you do so many LOFT reviews (my favorite store!) :)

  11. I love your shopping outfit! :) I'm so familiar with the petite offerings at LOFT (pants excluded) and own so many items that it's not even funny! Oh but they have the BEST sales with their frequent 40% off and free shipping and savings cards!

  12. PXXS - Thank you! And I know what you mean about LOFT. I only started shopping there this year and all of a sudden, my entire closet is overfilling with LOFT items. Their sales are just too tempting to ignore. :)


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