Monday, December 13, 2010

Jersey Cardi DIY + Bright Colors OOTD

I have been pining for something in a mustard yellow ever since I saw PAG modeling it in a Gap moto-styled cardigan, Kileen here, and Curls-And-Pearls here.  I couldn't really find anything right in the stores so when I saw a mustard jersey fabric at Hancock, I decided to try and make my own cardi.

This was actually pretty easy - there were only 3 pieces to cut out (front, back, and sleeves)!  Modifications included slimming of the sleeves and lengthening them since they were meant to be 3/4 length.  I used McCall's M5890.

I tried wearing the cardi 2 ways and I think I prefer the Left except maybe with the belt from the Right.  What do you think?

Top: BR Navy and White Striped Tee, XS
Cardigan: DIY Mustard Jersey
Necklace: DIY Flower Bib 
Belt: Gap Floral Print
Jeans: LOFT Boot Cut Jeans, 4P
Fuchsia Wedges: Gucci

Top: Martin + Osa Silk Print Racerback
Belt: Old Navy
Jeans: Abercrombie Kids, 14 (another oldie)

I've been wanting to try yellow and fuchsia together after seeing this Moody Leaves Ruffle Shell on the LOFT website (not available at my stores):

Isn't it gorgeous??  Unfortunately, the smallest size in this color is a regular small and I know that will be too big :(  What do you think of 2 bright colors together?


  1. Wow! Once again, wish I was as talented as you and some of other bloggers I visit that can sew amazing things!
    Well done! looks amazing!

  2. I love that cardi. The color is gorgeous. I have been obsessed with mustard color lately too. How many cardigans do you have now :)? Close to 60?

  3. The cardi turned out great! I've been sewing since I was a kid (& I do a lot of historical costumes), but I still have trouble with knits. Any tips? Did you use a special seam or do you have a serger?

  4. Isn't mustarnd yellow such a versatile color? I remember seeing it on PAG and kileen and it's making me want one too :)

    I love the color + style of this cardi and agree that the darker brown belt looks better! The striped top is navy blue, right? Yellow + blue is a foolproof combo in my book.

    I think LOFT's Moody Leave Ruffle Shell would be a great statement piece, but would probably choose to pair it with a more neutral cardi, ie: gray, if a cardi is worn. It's a beautiful print and I hope you find it in your size somewhere!

  5. Maya - Thanks so much! I've seen your DIYs so I know you do amazing and creative things yourself :)

    Sydney - Thanks! Oh goodness, I have to go back and count, I'm estimating that I'm near 70 now LOL.

    Trystan - Knits are tricky which is a little counterintuitive. Who would have thought t-shirt material could be hard to work with? I have a problem with uneven hems when working with jerseys so this cardi was finished with a serged rolled hem. I highly recommend a serger - I got mine at Hancock during one of their sales. Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Cee - Thanks for the reminder about Kileen! I knew I'd seen yellow somewhere else recently but could not remember where - I added her link. Yep, the striped top is navy blue - I do love combinations of blue with stripes! Good idea on pairing the LOFT shell with a gray. I think that would be gorgeous!

  6. I love your DIY projects...they always turn out so nice. The cardigan looks fabulous and the belt in the second outfit works better since there is more of a contrast in color. Though I like the style of first belt better. =)

  7. Dang you are seriously talented! How many times can I tell you that? LOL

    I like the 2nd outfit :)

  8. this mustard cardigan is so lovely! i love the longer layers in the front and good call extending the sleeves to be full length. and i also prefer the knotted belt look in the left picture but with the belt from the right.

    and i really like the yellow / fuschia color combination! i'll have to give it a shot sometime. oh, and thank you so much for the shout-out. :)

  9. Cute!! Loveeee stripes with yellow! I just wore a really similar outfit this weekend haha. Great job!

  10. Stylepint - Thank you so much! Funny story about the 1st belt - I bought one in a larger size and punched extra holes in so I could knot it :)

    Really Petite - Aww, thank you so much! :)

    Kileen - Thank you! I like the knotted belt too! I think I'm going to buy belts in larger sizes so I can do this more often. Ooh looking forward to your future yellow / fuchsia combination post!!

    TinyInTexas - LOL - great minds think alike :)

  11. I like the color. Again, you are READING MY MIND. I put together an outfit to wear this week using my green Ralph Lauren 'military' skirt and a mustard long sleeve top from Zara. I haven't worn it yet because it looked awful in photos so now I am second guessing myself. Maybe I can try the same top with something purple-y.

    Also, I have a new DIY sweater project that I just finished tonight. Photos to come as soon as I decide what to wear it with.

  12. I love both looks on you! Another awesome DIY! I wish I can make my own cardigans, I've been pining for more open-front cardigans just like the one you made (I only own one ancient old-navy one). I find that the shawl-like front is perfect for winter, cause it looks like a scarf if worn under blazers, and it helps fills out my ill-fitting over-sized blazers. haha

  13. Kerry - LOL! I want to see the green skirt with mustard! Did you see Vicky's post here?

    She paired olive with mustard and it looks gorgeous!

    Looking forward to seeing your DIY sweater project! I love looking at your DIYs - they are always impeccable :)

    Olyvia - Thanks so much! This one was pretty easy with the 3 pieces - you should give it a shot! Use McCall's M5890 pattern :)

  14. I love the mustard cardigan! Great outfit!

    Maryjane xoxo

  15. Like you, I was on the search for a mustard cardigan. And like you, the thought occurred to me to make my own... except I was planning to buy yarn to knit it. But since I haven't even had time to look for yarn, there was no time I was going to make this any time soon! I ended up finding a zip-up cardigan at the BR Factory store last weekend. It's a regular XS though, so sort of a loose fit, but I needed my mustard fix :) Hopefully the J.Crew ruffle cardigan that I have coming in Gold will turn out a nice mustard as well!

  16. Maryjane - Thanks so much!

    PXXS - How long does it take to knit a cardigan? I would imagine quite a bit of time but I've never done any kind of knitting so don't really have a frame of reference. I got that J. Crew cardigan too! That's so funny! :)


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