Thursday, December 30, 2010

Back to LOFT: Combinable Coupon + 50% Off

So after seeing on LOFT's FB page that the direct mailer coupon ($20 off $75 purchase or $50 off $150) was combinable with the 50% off entire store promo, I had to go back and get a few things.  :)  Prices noted reflect the $20 off $75 and 50% off.

So even though I was on the fence about this initially, I decided to get it after trying it with my blazer.  The price of $15 also helped :)
Verdict: Buy

Twist Front Short Sleeve Top, Dark Grey, XS, $17
I love the twist detail and the slim shape of this short sleeved sweater.  
Verdict: Buy

Deep Cowl Neck Shell, Warm Orchid, XS, $15
I got this in Navy Blue the other day and liked it so much that I went back for this fuchsia-y color.
Verdict: Buy

Rosette Cami Halter, XS, $22
With the coupon on top of the promo, this was a no-brainer purchase.
Verdict: Buy

Items that didn't work out:
This looked cute on the hanger but not on me.  
Verdict: No

 Cute details but just doesn't work on my body - it makes me look pregnant from the side?
Verdict: Clear no

Also went to Ann Taylor and picked up a couple of final sale items - a pair of gray trousers for $12 and a raspberry-colored cardigan for $12.  I'm thinking of adding some embellishments to the cardi and the trousers will be good for work.  Good deals all around today!

Anyone taking advantage of the flurry of sales going on?


  1. Uhh..I am eyeing a few things at LOFT. I didn't know about the $20.00 off coupon. Thanks for letting me know. Do I have to have the coupon to use in store? I'd like to get the deep cowl neck shell. It's so pretty

  2. i did take advantage today! i got a few lovely things at urban outfitters and a skirt at h&m. and by few, i mean a lot. <3

  3. Sydney - I think you might need the physical coupon to use in the store. There was a bar code on it that they had to scan. I did see on FB that they will have $10 off $50 purchase - here are the instructions:
    SPOILER ALERT: Starting tomorrow through January 2, 2011 we're giving our Facebook Fans $10 off any purchase of $50 or more (valid in stores only). Visit the Fans Only tab to get all the details and printable coupon:

    Kat - Yay for sales! You should post your new items on your blog :)

  4. The first shirt is so pretty! I love how you styled it in the fitting room ^_^

    Hope you have a happy new year!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. my favorite is the first top! love the print and the little bow tie.
    good that you got the cowl neck shirt in another color. looks like a top that you can pair with anything.

    btw -- i was eyeing a sweater at FP, but 6pm sale price was more expensive, so i ended getting it on the FP site instead.

  6. LOVE everything you got, they are gorgeous, especially the rosette top! I wish I got the mailer but chances are I didn't (sad). You got some really beautiful things. :)

  7. 2 visits to LOFT in one week? I love it! I think it's time I signed up to be a LOFT cardmember. Too many good deals that's passing me by. I agree with all the picks and buys and still can't get over the great prices you paid for them. Have a safe last day of Dec and happy 2011!

  8. TLDP - Thanks! The look with the blazer ultimately won me over :)

    Ping - Aww, I should have checked - I saw some FP jackets that looked like they were a good price on 6pm and assumed that their prices in general would be good.

    Elle - Thanks! I hope you wound up getting the mailer, but if not, you can get $10 off $50 if you "like" them on Facebook.

    Cee - Crazy right? But I love deals on top of deals :) I really enjoy being a cardmember at certain stores like BR and LOFT - they just seem to have a lot of perks associated. Happy New Year to you too and have a wonderful NYE!!

  9. I don't know if it is a good thing or a bad thing that there is no LOFT near me (only and Ann Taylor that does not carry petites). I love these ruffle and bow covered tops. I actually need more things like that to layer under my cardigans. I am up to 27, and I started 2010 with only have had WAY TOO MUCH INFLUENCE OVER ME! (but in a good way, after all now I know how to sew fake petals onto tops).

  10. what a great deal!! wonderful finds:)

  11. I always see that tweed dress and think, "how cute is that?!" but then remember all the petites who have reviewed it and every single one of them has the dreaded "I swear I'm not really pregnant" pooch in that dress. Such a shame!

    How's the fabric on that cowl neck shell? It looks cute in your pics but I'm always weary of pilling on AT rayon tops.

  12. Kerry - LOL, you crack me up! I don't know that it makes much of a difference if there's no LOFT by you because the garments you design are much better anyway! Thanks for sending the link to the ruffle blouse - love it! Also love the wool cashmere jacket you made.

    Kaleido Mind - Thanks for reading and commenting!

    Kelly - It is so unfortunate about the dress because it is so pretty on the hanger! I did have a pilling problem with some AT tops but weirdly haven't experienced it on LOFT tops (even though they're the same company). I hope it holds up well!

  13. This is totally irrelevant but I love the look of your curls in half of these photos. Did you try on the first top during 2 different trips? Lol! The curls look especially beautiful against the pale pink rosette cami.

  14. i love your LOFT finds and the Rosette Cami Halter looks so gorgeous on you! and so many great deals! i'm trying to stick to my new years resolution and be careful about my spending but it's so hard!!

  15. I scored some goodies along with that bow drape top and I have that dress too but got that back in the early fall:)

  16. Jean - Thanks so much! I went to LOFT twice this past week. I had originally passed up on most of the tops but when I found out that I could use my coupon on top of the promo, I went back for them :)

    Kileen - Aww, thank you! I am rooting for you and your resolutions! I know you can do it :)

    Really Petite - Ooh, I'll have to look at your old posts for the dress! I think it'd look spectacular on the right body type.


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