Monday, December 27, 2010

50% LOFT Sale Items: Fitting Room Reviews

No more lying in bed sick all day - I am mobile again!  The first thing I did was head to LOFT :).  Not only did they have 50% off everything (including new arrivals in store), but they also sent me a $25 savings card (not the CC reward) to use.

Without further ado, let's explore the lovely sale items (prices after 50% off).
Deep Cowl Neck Shell, Fresh Navy, XS (no petite version at my store, but available online), $20
I LOVE this top so much!  I have a weakness for cowl necks but sometimes sleeveless versions are too low-cut for me - this one is perfect!  I think wearing these with pearls would be divine.
Verdict: BUY

Michelle made this look so cute in her post!  I think it looked good on me from the front but looked a bit lumpy from the side.  BTW - I get proportionately pickier when the price goes up :)
Verdict: No, but maybe on further sale

I tried on this jacket in the fall and really liked it.  I wanted to make sure it looked good without the fur collar so it could be worn more classically.  It loses a little oomph this way but I still like it.  Since I have that $25 card, this will only be $30 - WOOHOO!  My store had a ton of sizes left even though there's only size 4 online - so check your local store if you're interested.
Verdict: BUY

Rosette Halter Cami, XS, $27 (can't find online?)
Here's another case of blogger envy LOL.  This looked gorgeous on Cee so when I saw it, I had to try it on.  This actually fit well in regular XS and the details are very cute.
Verdict: Will get on further sale (see the restraint I'm showing?  LOL)

This fit OK, but I cannot pull off the print.
Verdict: No

 Looked great on Vicky!  This fit pretty well but it was a touch see-through and I liked it but didn't love it.
Verdict: No for now

Cocoon Striped Sweater, XS
Umm, no to both.  Cocoon sweaters look so good on others like Cee, but just looks off on me.  I liked the stripes though.  The trousers were crazy baggy and unflattering.  I know trouser styles are wider legged, but usually they are fitted in the hip and butt - these were not.
Verdict: No way

So I wound up getting a coat and a cowl neck shell for $50 - not bad!  

Did you buy anything from the LOFT 50% off sale?


  1. How did you get $25.00 savings card in the mail? So lucky :) I like the cowl neck shell but maybe in a different color. I just don't look good in black. My favorite item from this post is the 2nd jacket. It looks so comfy and very well fitted. I'll wait and see if they're on further sale. I am glad to hear that you feel better and ready to shop again :)

  2. Yay! Good to hear that you're well enough to go shopping. I still need to find time to go before this 50% promo is over.

    Like Sydney said, how did you get the $25 savings card? I want one too! I like how the cowl-neck has a built in cami underneath. I too am a sucker for draping, so I agree that one's a keeper!

    I actually really like the jacket with the fur collar on. It looks so glamorous on you. I think it's the curls in your hair :)

    Haha at $27 being too expensive for the rosette cami! I think I bought mine for $30 something -_- Only one size left in my size so I snatched it up. Thinking back, maybe I shouldn't have hurried. I think the soft pink color is gorgeous on you and shows the details better.

    All in all, great success at LOFT. I hope I have as much luck as you the next time I go shopping!

  3. I didn't know they were having a 50% off, I think the best deal is that military wool coat! I actually think it looks really cute without the fur too. What an awesome buy! cause that jacket looks expensive (and was expensive)! Yay for sales!

  4. i love cowl neck tops too (esp when it's not too low which makes it work appropriate). it looks lovely on you.
    the jacket with the fur is absolutely fabulous!

  5. Great "buy" choices!

    The necklace you are wearing with the cowl neck is gorgeous! Also loving the top! :)

    The halter cami could have been plumping the patch pockets jacket a bit...maybe try it on next time with something slimmer underneath? And thanks for the shout out! :)

  6. Great fitting room reviews! It's nice to see the items on different petites, because we all have different shapes.

    I love the coat on you! =)

  7. Love the items you tried on, I am in love with the pink blouse (SO GORGEOUS! And totally not available in any of the LOFT that I went to recently). I picked up this sequin belt today from LOFT but that's the only thing I got since the store was really picked over.

  8. Great reviews! I got the drape bow shell but not for 50% off..just got it right before Xmas for 40% off. What great deals!!!

  9. The double-breasted jacket and rosette halter camisole are super cute on you!

    By the way, I think you mean "without further ado" as in without further fanfare, fuss, blathering, etc. Adieu means farewell as in the song from The Sound of Music "So Long Farewell."

  10. I would like to reiterate: how did you get the savings card?!!!!!!!!! Please fill us in! My $25 off $50 savings card ended 12/14.

    I bought the fur jacket for $60! ugh! you're so lucky there are plenty of sizes left and you found yours for $30. I kick myself when someone finds a better deal.

    try wearing the fur stole w/other jackets or by itself (held on by a brooch). I do that all the time.

  11. Sydney / Cee / Aubrey - I got the $25 savings card in a very normal looking mailer. At first, I thought it was $25 on $100 worth of original-priced merchandise, but when I looked closer, it said $25 off any purchase from 12/26 to January something. It just said something about for all cardmembers - I hope you get yours!

    Sydney - Thanks, I'm so glad to be out of bed and feeling normal! The cowl neck is actually navy blue but my iPhone just doesn't capture that very well :)

    Cee - Thanks! I knew the moment I felt up to it I would be heading straight to LOFT :D If you wind up going, try the cowl neck - I think it would look so good with one of your statement necklaces! I did some damage at the Saks After X-mas sale and Burberry online so I'm trying to limit my spending. It's also almost time for resolutions! I really love that bright strawberry color on you - it really looks nice against your complexion, but I think this peachy pink would too. Hope you find some good deals on some cute items!

    Olyvia - Thanks! I think the 50% off started on Sunday and will go for a few days? You should check it out! I know you have a thing for coats ;)

    Ping - Thanks so much! I'm really happy with both items :)

    Michelle - Ah, good point about the halter cami! Next time, I'll try it with something slimmer. The necklace is from Kohl's and you can probably still find it in the store (I can't seem to find it online - it's from Apt. 9).

    Stylepint - Thank you! Yes, we definitely do! I represent the more matronly petite LOL :D

    Elle - Thank you! I wonder how they choose what to stock cause I can't find it online either. If you're interested, I can pick one up for you and send it! They have peachy pink and strawberry red in regular sizes and just strawberry red in petite sizes - just let me know!

    Really Petite - Thanks so much! I love the fuchsia version on you so I'm betting the print is just as gorgeous :)

    Anonymous - Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Also, thank you for noting my error - you stopped me from embarrassing myself further by letting it stay up :)

    Aubrey - You should so start a blog! I bet you have a great sense of style and the blogger community is super friendly :) Thanks for the tip on the fur collar!

  12. thanks for the heads up btw on the fp sale at 6pm! im gonna go check it out now.

  13. I often think about starting a blog, but too much work for me to keep it up. Plus, I think if you start a blog, there should be something that sets you apart from the rest. That's why I thoroughly enjoy reading yours. Not only do you blog about the clothes/outfits you buy, but you also provide tutorials on DIY projects (and boy! some of your work is phenomenal!). I have yet to think up of an idea that will differentiate me from the rest. When I do, I will blog.

    I wonder if this savings card was only offered to card members. I remembered the other savings card had a code for online purchases. Do you know if this card has one too?

  14. Aubrey - Thank you for the kind words! I think as long as you have something to say (and show), you're good to go :) I hope you find an angle bc I'd love to follow your blog :)

    I know the savings card could be used online but I don't remember (I used it in a hurry LOL) if it was a unique code to use or a generic one. I would guess that it would have to be a unique code. So weird that it seems like no one got the card!


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