Saturday, December 11, 2010

$12 LOFT Deals & Other Finds

Ok, so I've been talking a lot about shopping restraint but not doing a very good job of it.  I had originally planned to live vicariously through Really Petite's shopping...but since they had a special promo price on the Cowl Neck Sweater reviewed here ($25), I thought I might just go and get that ONE item.  Alas, it just wasn't meant to be - the deals were too great to ignore.  Sigh.  Oh well, I can always try and make shopping restraint a New Year's resolution :)

As always, first is today's outfit:

You know how I love my purples!
Cardi: LOFT Long V-Neck Cardi, XS
Necklace: DIY Pearl/Ribbon Twisted Necklace
Belt: The Limited Purple Snake Print, One Size (I looovve these belts!)
Pants: BR Gray Pinstripe Trousers

LOFT Cropped Tweed Jacket, XXSP, $12 (orig. $129, see here on Elle and here on PAG)
LOFT Bootcut Jeans, 4P, $12 (orig. $59)
Sooo, as noted by PAG, the tweed jacket is a bit boxy from the front.  Weirdly, it looks relatively slim from the side.  I've found that LOFT petite denim fits very well to my proportions.  It's slim in the thighs and hips with a good inseam length.  I don't love the whisker-effect but I do like the medium blue color.
Verdict: $12 deals - of course I'm going to buy both!

Black Moto Jacket, 0, $24 (orig. $128)
This fit well and I liked the way it looked from the front and side.
Verdict: Yes

This fit well but I felt like it was too long bc I don't wear very many tunic-styled tops.  For whatever it's worth, it looks like a normal length on the LOFT model so maybe it looks good on taller gals.
Verdict: No

V-Neck Shell with Draped Bow, XXSP, $12
This top looks FABULOUS on Really Petite but not so much on me.
Verdict: No

So for $50 (I had a $20 Rewards Card), I got the Cowlneck Sweater, a Tweed Jacket, Jeans, and a Moto Jacket.  Not bad, right?

Has anyone else been succumbing to the sales?  :)


  1. Oh wow. I can't believe you found that tweed jacket for $12.00. I think I've tried on those jeans in store the other day but they weren't flattering on me. Great finds. It's hard to resist the sale. I am the same way. $50.00 for all that isn't bad at all.

  2. holy smokes! those are great sales! especially for the jackets! I do love your purples too! haha I love your DIY shirts, they look better than the stores! I'm checking out your old posts on them.

  3. Excellent deals! But you know what, my favorite item was your DIY top!!!!!

    You did great though, I think you will get a lot of use out of your purchases.

  4. I love the shell you made! It's soooo pretty. You got the tweed jacket at such an amazing price.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  5. Wow! $12 for that tweed? No way!!! LOL re: the bow shell, it only looks good hidden underneath a cardigan otherwise I look seriously funny in it. Thanks for the shout out tho :)

    And you DIY petal shell is so pretty!

  6. I am so jealous of your LOFT deals! The LOFT I went to today had like two racks for the petite sale! Total disappointment!

    I am in love with that moto jacket! Now I want to go to a different LOFT to find some better sale items! :p

  7. Wow. You are an amazing shopper. I can't believe the deals you got. I wasn't doing too shabby either in Loft today myself, I just love this store. :)

  8. Gosh, everyone but me finds the best deals! Great choice on the tweed jacket and jeans. They both fit you well. I'd say all in all, a great day of shopping :)

    PS: LOVE your shopping outfit! The petal top has such nice detail and is so feminine.

  9. OK, so when I first saw the photo I was thinking "I have to buy that petal embellished top she has on", not realizing it was your own design. I definitely need to try making one, I just never can decide on the right fabric/color. The necklace also looks store bought.

    And $12 for things at LOFT? I am so jealous, my closest LOFT is a 45 minute drive and totally out of the way and not near anything else. I've got an Ann Taylor in the local mall, as well as a BR, but sadly, LOFT is just not convenient. I will live vicariously through your purchases (and start looking for fabric so I can make a petal embellished top).

  10. wow, so many great finds!! i love the moto jacket on you and can't believe the unbelievable prices your found for all of your items for. the tweed jacket does look a little boxy, but it's not too bad. and for $12, i would've gotten it too! :)

  11. i love your diy shell, i probably have said that before. i'm surprised that you didn't buy that v-neck shell! i think it looks really nice on you.
    omg i love sales...heehee i been buying too much stuff!

  12. Great finds! Just went back to your DIY detailed shell tops and admired all of them again one by one.

    I can't believe that tweed jacket is that cheap now. Despite finding it boxy, I saw it on clearance for 40% off a few weeks back and seriously contemplated it. For the price you got it at it's a no brainer! And that moto style jacket...loves!

    Your anecdote about your son brought a smile to my face. My baby brother (ok, not baby anymore, he's five now), when he was a baby loved to flirt with girls in real life and on TV/ computers. I'm sure your son will grow up to be a little stud : )

  13. Sydney - I'm glad you understand about sales :) I was sooo happy about that tweed jacket. I had been eyeing for a while but couldn't justify buying it during the 1st round of sales bc I knew the fit wasn't perfect.

    Olyvia - Aww thanks, you're so sweet! I do love those petal shirts :)

    C&P - Thanks so much! I do love deals :D

    TLDP - Thank you!! I'm thinking of making another one soon :)

    Really Petite - Thank you! Good to know about the bow shell :) I've seen you rocking it but didn't realize you've been wearing it underneath cardigans!

    Michelle - I'm lucky to have 3 LOFTs in my city and one (the farthest one of course) has the BEST selection. I make a trek there whenever there's a big sale going on. Hope you find some better items!

    Vicky - I love this store too! I love the sales and I can usually find quite a few things that fit.

    Cee - Have you tried the B&M stores? They usually have more selection and better deals. Like you, I tried online first but things just disappear too quickly! And thanks for the kind words!

    Kerry - Thank you!! I used a matte satin for this shell which was both a good and bad choice. Good because it had a good level of stiffness/structure to really show off the petals. Bad because belting it is virtually impossible due to unattractive bunching of the fabric. Since this is a slip over the head type of shell, I had to leave it a little wider and that means it just doesn't look very flattering without something over it. If I make another one, I think I'd make it a button down so I can make it slimmer fitting. Aww, sucks that LOFT is so far from you! They have some killer sales (much better than AT) but unfortunately sell out quickly online.

    Kileen - Thanks so much! My thoughts exactly - I love the thick tweed but it's not the most form fitting item. However, $12 is a steal and I'm more than willing to work with it ;)

    Ping - Thank you!! I am very much a big fan of sales too :D

    PAG - Thanks! I thought the tweed jacket looked super cute on you (despite looking a bit big). If you find it again (and especially at this price), you should definitely get it!

    LOL about my little stud and your little brother! I'm glad there are other kids out there that flirt at a young age :)

  14. Great jackets and I love the black and white sweather. I couldn't resist if I had come arcoss these goodies myself!

    Maryjane xoxo

  15. Hi I'm your new follower. Great blog. Love your DIYs.

  16. Maryjane - Thanks for visiting and commenting! :)

    Maya - I'm following your blog now too - you have great projects I'd like to try out! :)

  17. Wow awesome finds, especially the tweed jacket! The moto jacket looks really good on you too and also a great price. I picked up some deals from LOFT myself last weekend, haven't had time to take pics yet but hopefully will share soon! :)

  18. PXXS - Looking forward to seeing your new items! I do love a good sale! :)


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