Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Old Navy Outerwear Reviews

Like Curls-and-Pearls, I was intrigued by the 50% off outerwear sale at Old Navy and checked it out online.  I found 2 jackets that looked cute - a purple moto-style sueded fleece and a navy blue pea coat.

First, the moto jacket.  I was pleasantly surprised by the sueded fleece material - it's incredibly soft and feels a bit like a cozy sweatshirt.  I am sooo very glad I ordered PXS, because even this is a smidge too roomy.  This probably isn't a good choice for smaller petite ladies.  It looks great unzipped because the shoulders, arms, and back fit well...

Jacket: Old Navy Sueded Fleece Moto Jacket, Crowning Achievement (Purple), PXS, $25 
Floral Cami: Old Navy, XS
Booties: Born B.O.C. Tonya
Geode Necklace: F21

It looks a little boxy when zipped because there's a large space in the tummy area (not sure why).  This middle poofiness is not the most flattering thing, but it's not a deal breaker to me.  What do you think?  Keep and only wear unzipped or return?

Next is the Navy Pea Coat.  The reviews for this said it ran small, so I decided to get XS instead of PXS.  The top / torso fit well and best of all, it doesn't poof out in the middle.  The sleeves are a bit long but this is easily fixed.  PXS would probably fit well on most of you petite ladies :)

 Jacket: Old Navy Wool-Blend Prep Coat (out of stock online), Navy Blue, XS, $29.75

All in all, these were great deals (though not as great as the $12 coat C&P scored!).  The online inventory seems rather depleted but when I was in the store last week they had plenty so check it out!


  1. I was in love with your first two pictures of the purple jacket, but when I scrolled down to see it buttoned-up, it made me feel a bit disappointed, it does look rather boxy. If you need a jacket to keep warm from cold winds, I would probably return that jacket. But it does look so cute unbuttoned and with that cami.

  2. I really like both jackets on you! I do favor the first jacket because of the rich color! I have too many coats as is...and need to stop reading posts that talk about great coat finds. :) Ahhh that first jacket looks so cute on you! I have to block ON from firefox. :)

  3. I really like the vibrant purple color of the moto jacket, but I don't like how it looks boxy on you buttoned up. How does it look half buttoned? $25 isn't bad at all for a jacket though. I say if you think you'll get lots of wears out of this, it's a keeper and just wear cute tops underneath and leave the jacket unbuttoned :)

    The peacoat is really cute on you. I can see this style and color being really versatile with many outfits. Personally I don't mind long sleeves, but you're so handy with a needle and thread so I'm sure that's easily fixable :) Great finds!

  4. I love the color of the jackets and Old Navy has such great colored outerwear. It does look a bit boxy, but sometimes, you need a little of that with your outfits. Not everything has to hug your body! Keep it if you love it and cannot bear to part with it! =)

  5. that first moto jacket is very cute. i love the rich purple color and the asymmetrical zipper. you're so lucky the sleeves fit perfectly! i always have to end up hemming those. :)

  6. LOL, I think I totally lucked out on my $12 coat, that's for sure! I'm usually not so lucky with sale items!

    I really like both coats on you. The 2nd one is classic and will definitely go with anything. I've been on a colour kick lately so I REALLY like the moto jacket one (darn wish Petite sizing was available in Canada!) I think moto jacket styles are meant to be boxy, so personally I think it looks good. I like how you paired with the floral top underneath so you're wearing something feminine with it.

  7. ohh i really like the moto jackt and have been curious about old navy and their sizing. i think the moto jacket looks cute zipped and unzipped. thanks for sharing!

  8. Olyvia - Totally agree with you :) I really love the way it looks unzipped! I think I'll keep it since it was a pretty good price and I love the color.

    Elle - LOL - at least these coat finds are inexpensive :) But I hear you - everyone's blogs make me want to buy EVERYTHING bc it looks so good on them!

    Cee - I'll have to try it half zipped and see what it looks like! I think it's a keeper - I do really love the color :)

    Stylepint - Definitely true that not everything can / should be body-hugging. I think C&P is right that many moto jackets are a bit boxy.

    Kileen - Thanks! I love the purple and the zipper as well :)

    C&P - You found such an AWESOME deal! And I so love the bright yellow color on you. I hope they bring petite sizing to Canada soon! Maybe if it does well here, they'll expand their size offerings up north too.

    Ping - You would look soooo cute in a moto jacket! I think though that the ON ones (even in XSP) will be too big for you bc I'm a larger petite and found that it was roomy :(

  9. I haven't shopped at ON in forever, but recently ordered a coat in XSP that was unfortunately too big :\ Thanks for the review! I like the moto jacket on you.

  10. PXXS - Which jacket did you order? I think their sizing can be a little inconsistent as the Small pea coat was smaller than the PXS moto jacket.

  11. Hi! I got the second jacket in granny apple green and it is a beautiful color! Brightens up any gloomy day! I was in between the corporate navy blue, or the fun easy going green. Screw corporate America I said and went with green!

    I'm also small and got a XS (got it at the store). The fit is not my favorite- it is a big boxy and it doesn't seem to have enough of a waist line. I'm thinking of moving the buttons a bit so it can be just a bit snugger. It's actually really big in the front (like it was meant for tiny D-cup girl), but not the back... Back can be a little restricting if you are trying to "raise the roof" or something. And you CAN still hug someone, but you definitely feel the tightness then.

    I checked the sizes online, and there seems to be very little difference between the PXS and XS. But maybe the 1/2 inch would've made a difference... can't say.

    For the price though, it is a great buy. Again, I'm going to try to figure out how to add a waist line.

    Hope this helps someone!


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