Thursday, November 4, 2010

Lusting After Lanvin for H&M

Drive-by posting.  Every time I visit a big city, I beeline for their H&M.  The selection is always so much more fashion-forward in larger cities like Chicago, Boston, and NYC than in midwestern malls.  I don't think I'll be able to make it to a city where H&M will be selling their Lanvin collaboration collection but that doesn't stop me from virtually drooling over the photos.

Here are my favorite pieces (photos via

The draping and asymmetry is just gorgeous! $59.95

I'm intrigued by the nude top portion and wonder if it truly looks like a strapless dress when wearing. $199

Draping, asymmetry, AND deep purple?!?  Be still my beating heart! $199

Will you be checking out the collection?  Which are your favorite pieces?


  1. C&P - Whoops! Sorry about that - fixed it :)

  2. I am definitely lusting after some of the designs...but the price point is a little more than what I am willing to pay since I am eying mostly dramatic cocktail dresses. sigh, I hope you do a tutorial on how to make a Lanvin-esque have the ability to. ;)

  3. oooh love that black dress! Too expensive for me though, but yes what Elle said I hope you do a DIY!

  4. Great minds think alike! I LOVE the white skirt and the purple one-shouldered dress! The skirt for $60 is doable for me, but the dress for $200? That's a bit steep. I'm thinking of going to check it out with a bunch of girlfriends... watch me come back with both and an empty wallet haha.

    Since you won't be buying any, have you thought about making your own? I bet yours will end up even better than Lanvin's ;)

  5. Elle, Curls-and-Pearls, Cee - I agree that $200 is expensive for H&M, but I rationalize (a little) that it's inexpensive for Lanvin ;) I would SOOO LOVE to be able to drape and make it look good but have not been able to do this successfully. However, you gals are motivating me to try again!

    Cee - If you check it out, please post a review of what they're like in real life! Pretty please? :)

  6. I love the white skirt and purple sooo fancy!!!!

    I can't wait to check it out!! :)

  7. i kno this comment will have nothing to do with H&M so I apologize but...

    dang your sewing skills are awesome! if only I could get to your level :) I've been going through your DIY archives like a madwoman lately... I'm so inspired :D :D :D

  8. Really Petite - Tell me how it goes! I think you would look spectacular in skirt and purple dress!

    elleandish - How sweet of you to say! I just started this spring so anyone can get started at anytime :)

  9. Thanks for posting the prices... I was curious about their price point :P I can definitely see the purple dress on you... actually, I can see you MAKING the purple dress! Lol :)

  10. PXXS - Draping is one of those weird things that seem like it would be simple conceptually but it's definitely an area where I struggle. I have been experimenting though and will hopefully find a way bc I am so in love with the purple dress!


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