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LOFT $75 Outerwear Sale Reviews

LOFT had a one-day $75 outerwear sale a few weeks ago posted by PAG here and I missed out.  At the time, I marveled at my shopping resistance only to regret it a few days later LOL.

So when I got the email about another $75 outerwear sale (this time for 3 days) I had to go check it out.

First, my shopping OOTD.  This was my attempt to roll in some menswear with feminine details a la Stylepint.  I should have taken a photo straight on without the jacket, but essentially it's a blue button down shirt with DIY twisted pearls from this post plus khakis and fuchsia floral print flats.  I even curled my hair a little to amp up the feminine to masculine contrast.

Top: Martin & Osa, XS (I miss this store)               Coat: LOFT Twill Officer Coat, 0, orig. $188
Khakis: Ann Taylor, 2
Floral Flats:  Anne Klein IFlex

The first coat I tried was the Twill Officer Coat in Navy.  I really loved the brass buttons and chain detailing on this coat.  I also thought it looked cute unbuttoned.

Buttoned up, it's a little loose and boxy but this is pretty typical of most winter coats I've had.  The sleeve length is a tad long but not horrible.  I wish they had a 0P or 00 in this but the smallest available was 0.
Verdict: Buy and ponder at home
What do you think - keep or return?

I also tried the Military Melton Coat in the 0 (smallest size available) and found that it was too big.  The sleeves came down to my fingertips and the coat itself was loose all over.  Such a shame because it is a beautiful color.  This was also reviewed by Soo, a guest blogger on Petite Little Girl.
Verdict: No

This next coat was not a part of the sale, but I saw it on PAG's site and wanted to try it on.
This fit pretty well!  I love the faux fur collar and cinched in waist but somehow I don't think I can pull off this look :(  Since the 0P fit me well, I'm guessing most of you petite bloggers would fit well in a 00P.

And finally, the Old Navy coat I was wearing today (reviewed here) and my favorite go-to bag in the world - Pochette Bosphore which I first saw on Ashley Tisdale here.  It is the perfect size for essentials and keeps you hands free to hold the little one.  Another plus is the low ratio of vachetta so you can be more worry-free about stains and discolorations.  The strap is also super comfy and adjustable for the perfect length.  This is from the men's collection but the comparable monogram messenger bag from the women's collection was the Odeon and I didn't want to baby a vachetta strap.

What is your go-to bag?


  1. I tried on the Military Melton Coat in 0P in store and it was a tad bit on me. The store manager was able to order the 00P for me with free shipping. I haven't got it yet (yes, she ordered it for me from the last $75.00 sale). I got an email yesterdday saying they just shipped the order. I am hoping the 00P will fit me better. You can ask them to order it for you too. It's such a great deal. We can always take it back if it doesn't fit.

  2. I love your shopping outfit from head to toe. It's perfect for trying on jackets ;) Plus your hair is soo pretty curled like that.

    It's a shame the sleeves are long on the Melton coat. I've been eying it and may try to see if I can find one tomorrow (crossing my fingers they're not all sold out). I too, love the deep purple color.

    I don't think I can pull off fur either, but if you really like the jacket, there's a first time for everything :)

    Thanks for the reviews!

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  4. I loooovde love love that first coat and the coat with the fur collar. I saw both in store yesterday and loooved them but no petites to try on. Your shopping outfit is so cute btw!

  5. Wow my LOFT doesn't even carry any of those jackets! I keep hearing about the Melton coat, but I'm still not convinced enough about the fit to order it to try. Thanks for the review :)

  6. Oh I just loove your shopping outfit! I never look that nice when going out to the mall. You definitely incorporated some of the tips from the link in stylepint's menswear post.

    I tried on that green w/ faux fur jacket too but they only had 0 regular. I'm surprised it wasn't on sale at your was part of the $75 deal here! And although teh details of that first coat are super cute, I have to say a 0 looks too big on you. We lose sight of your curves under the jacket, so maybe return and try to find a melton jacket in 0P or 00P sizing?

  7. Cute shopping outfit! I am sad that Martin + Osa is gone, as well. Never got a chance to know them too well before they left. But I could tell it had some promise! :(

    Hmm...I am not sure about the twill officer coat. Like PAG said...we don't get to see your shape.

    I am shocked you did not want the wool jacket with fur!! It looks so great on you! Seeing how other blogging girls "pull off" items has helped me so much!

    Oh! I really want an over-the-shoulder bag! I smell a Christmas present!! :) Now that I think about it, I do not have a "go to" bag. It just depends on my outfit.

  8. CUTE shopping outfit and i love how you wore that bag.

    i think i like the twill coat unbuttoned better than buttoned. when buttoned, it might look a tad big on you. it might be a good coat for you to wear big sweaters under?

  9. I love your preppy outfit and it goes so well with the coats you tried on too! The fur blazer looks the best on you compared to the other coats, but I don't mind the Twill Officer coat either. Sure it's not as slim fitting, but sometimes, you don't need to! =)

  10. I love your shopping outfit. I love the twill coat on you unbuttoned and the melton coat too but I think you can go down at least one size (I prefer the super fitted look so probably not the most practical advice). The LOFT sale was so hard to resist but I have way too many coats...sigh.

  11. Thanks for this post! My LOFT carries NONE of these so it's nice to see!!!

    I am returning my Wool swing coat....

    My go to bag is my GRAND SHOPPER Chanel TOTE :)

  12. PLG - How awesome that you got to order the 00P Melton with free shipping! I hope it fits you well and I'm looking forward to a future review!

    Cee - Aww thanks, you are too sweet! Yes, the purple is so gorgeous and such a different color from the rest of my black / gray / cream coats. The color makes me feel justified for purchasing it :) I just wish they had a smaller size in store for me to try.

    TinyInTexas - I can so see you in the fur collar coat! I think it would look absolutely fabulous on you!

    PXXS - It could be a good thing for these coats not to be stocked at your store. At the very least, it saves you from temptation :)

    PAG - Aww thanks! And wow that the fur collar jacket was part of the sale at your store! I think I would have gone for it @ $75 so maybe it was good that they didn't include it here. :P

    Michelle - Thank you! I totally agree on Martin + Osa. By the time, I shopped at one (trip to Chicago) it was already going out of business. Yes, you and all of the petite bloggers have helped greatly improve my ensembles :)

    Ping - Thanks!! It definitely looks better unbuttoned and I do think it will work nicely with heavy knits underneath. I'll have to do some trying during the Thanksgiving holiday.

    Stylepint - Thank you! I do love to err on the side of preppy. It helps that it's generally a style that affords a lot of comfort :)

    Elle - Good for you on resisting the sale! I do not have your strength LOL but I should really try!

    Really Petite - Ohh I love your Chanel tote! Chanel is on my wishlist :) You are another blogger who I think would look gorgeous in the fur collar coat. Did you get the swing coat in the last sale?

  13. the faux fur jacket looks so good on you! i haven't seen it in my stores so i'm keeping my eyes peeled in the hopes that it'll arrive soon!

    and i love the Twill Officer Coat but it looks a tad big on you. it's not too bad but i think a 0P or 00P might fit a bit better on you.

    and my go-to shopping bag is my LV Neverfull. it's so big that i can carry an extra cardigan, water, and all my shopping essentials! it seriously never gets full! :)

  14. Thanks Kileen! You would also look so cute in fur collar jacket! Maybe order it with the 40% off promo they're running now?

    Ooh a Neverfull! I was looking at both crossbody and tote styles - Neverfull (and Totally) were at the top of my list but I ultimately went for hands free convenience :)


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