Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Gucci Shoes Mini Haul & Review

DSW is having a crazy sale on Gucci shoes.  Many retail @ $400+ but are now selling for $99.  I mean seriously, how is a girl supposed to resist?!?  You can also use the following codes to bring your price down farther:

  • boots = 30% off one item (not a clearance item)
  • 922 = extra 500 rewards points
  • shipr = free shipping

So between my mom and I, we bought 4 pairs to try at home.  I got the wedges in magenta and lavender while she got slides in red and black patent.

The wedges run TTS with just a tiny bit of extra space in the heel and are surprisingly comfy.
I think this color is very pretty but I'm not entirely sure what to wear it with.

I love this magenta!  It is much more muted in color than I expected.

The cute seal in the back of the wedges.

And um, being curious, I also tried on mom's slides (shhh) LOL.

I liked the red color but the slides weren't as comfy as the wedges.

I'm about 99% sure that I'm going to keep both pairs of wedges.  I love the colors, comfort, and good price - what do you all think?  Keep both or return the lavender ones since I don't know what to wear with them?


  1. This is freaky because I was just looking at those shoes online like 2 seconds ago :) They don't have my size online anymore but I am hoping they still do in store. I also have $20.00 off coupon. That makes it $80.00. I can't never find a pair of Gucci shoes for that kind of price. I love them all!

  2. Great haul SPG!!

    I like the wedges on you, I see a little space between the shoe and your heel, does it feel loose?

    I got a pair of flats in my usual American size and they are too big!! I have a half inch of space. Argh. Luckily I ordered the flip flops in a half size smaller.. so hopefully those fit. :)

  3. PLG - I think the DSW in Easton usually participates in the Gucci sales - maybe you could find some in your size there? Hope you do (and then hope you do a review post!)!

    Jen - Thanks! :) There is a little room there but surprisingly I haven't had any heel slippage. I'll probably need heel inserts when they get a little broken in but so far so good. Oh no on the ill-fitting flats! The slides seem to fit TTS and the wedges just a teeny bit roomy. Hope your flips flops work out!

  4. When I saw this deal, my size was sold out. Boo! I'm been wanting a pair of black wedges too! I think both magenta and lavender look good on you. Maybe you can try inserts to deal with the gap? I say look in your closet to see if any outfits will work with the lavender ones... otherwise I'd hate to see it sitting in your closet, so I'd probably return.

  5. The wedges look a bit big on you with the extra heel gap, I'm surprised you don't have heel slippage! I honestly can't decide between the two colors, it depends on what color family you have more of in your closet? And I really like the slides too :)

  6. wonderful DSW haul!! i can never find my size there and actually the closest DSW is not 30 minutes away from my house! you found some unbelievable deals there and you should definitely keep your lavender shoes! i think a nice colorful pair of shoes works wonders on a more neutral or muted outfit. and when in doubt, always throw on a pair of colorful shoes when you're wearing black. it'll had a wonderful pop of color! :)

  7. Wow, amazing haul - keep both! I wish DSW was in Canada!

  8. Love those heels on you! I would say keep both because the colors are BEAUTIFUL and Gucci's at those prices are hard to find. I have too many pairs of shoes so I really should stop looking at this post because it's making me want to get a pair too!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Foot petals definitely help! They add a little cushion to prevent slipping and blisters and also fill in that little space.

    Do you have any plans for Black Friday as well? :) Me and DS are passing for this year lol.

  10. Cee - What size shoe do you wear? They been doing mini-restocks in the early morning. I'm guessing these are cancelled orders or returns. I think the Lavenders might be going back because I found Dusty Pink Guccissimas the next day.

    PXXS - The heel is a little narrower than I'm used to so I guess this is preventing some heel slippage. Also, I've only really walked a couple of steps around the house in them ;) I'm leaning towards the magenta. I think it will pop nicely with different neutrals. The slides are cute! Mom liked them :)

    Kileen - Thanks! A pop of color with neutrals definitely gives an outfit some oomph! I'll have to post Gucci haul part 2 when they arrive because that's when I'll REALLY need to decide what to keep.

    C&P - Aww, I hope you find some similar deals in Canada! At least you have good food there!

    Elle - Thank you! I do love a good deal :) Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!

    Jen - Nope! Mostly online shopping - especially when it decided to snow last night :)

  11. Oh I love the red wedges! Lucky you on finding such great deals! I'm jealous :(

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  12. TLDP - I was happy to find these deals and was glad to be able to get my size. Maybe DSW will expand to Canada soon!

  13. Nice shoe haul!!!! DSW has some great finds!!!

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