Sunday, November 14, 2010

Gap Give & Get Sale Purchases and Last Day to Enter Giveaway!

Last day to enter the Mixed Media Pearl Necklace giveaway!  I'll choose the winner using tomorrow night around 10 pm EST and post on my blog :)

As you know, I'm rather weak at resisting sales :P  I wasn't planning on participating in the Gap Give and Get Sale (30% off everything at BR, ON, and Gap) but figured there was no harm in buying another pair of Gap skinnies since I love (and wear) my first pair so much!  It was on sale for $24.99 before the discount so I was pretty happy as you can imagine, but then...I started browsing...and adding stuff to my cart...and checking out before I really realized what I was doing LOL.

Anyhoo, these are my purchases - they should arrive later this week and I'll review them then.

My favorite are the skinny jeans of course!
Gap Always Skinny Cropped Jeans, Dark Wash, Sz 4 Tall, $17.50 (my 2nd pair and for a great price!)

Gap Embossed Floral Belt in Honey (real leather), $17.50 
I love this color and actually bought it in S instead of XS so I could knot it.  

Sequins on a cardigan?  How could I not try this?

I feel like I've been looking for skinny khakis for an eternity.  I really want to create an equestrian look with khakis tucked into tall black boots.  Hope these work!

Reviews to come!  Did anyone else purchase anything during the Give and Get promotion?


  1. Great finds! I stayed away this time since I spent so much last time :P

  2. my favorite are the sequin sparkle cardigan! it looks really cute. can't wait to see your purchases on you!

  3. I really should jump on the skinny jeans trend, but I have a hard time getting my foot in and out! So the tightest I've gone so far are straight jeans. I picked up a couple shirts from Gap at their Give & Get too. I love it when they have this deal. Can't wait to see you model your new purchases!

  4. A sequin striped cardigan totally sounds up your alley! I stayed away from the give and get sale this time as the only thing I wanted were more legging jeans!

    Btw, please forgive me if I entered your giveaway twice! The necklace is beautiful and is so much more unique than Ann Taylor's mixed media necklace from earlier this year... *cross fingers*

  5. Love your picks, I stopped by Gap the other day and I had to use all my willpower to not pick up anything. (well, I got socks...but that doesn't count right?) I'm holding onto my shopping ban until the end of the year, but it seems to be getting harder with such lovely things! =)

  6. Yup, that cardigan is totally you :P Since most things from Gap run big, I just stuck to the tried and true and got another pair of legging jeans and some tank tops :)

  7. I have that leather belt from Gap and I love it. Can't beat that price for a real leather belt. Size XS fits me perfectly without punching extra holes. The sweater is very cute. It's perfect for the upcoming holiday seasons (or PFC#4) LOL :)

  8. Can't wait to read the review! I am curious how the sequined cardi looks irl. :)

  9. Also, just read your comment, the cardigan I was wearing is from J. Crew. The print is called Canterbury...they made skirts and dresses in that print as well. I own the skirt but not the dress. It really is lovely, one of my better J. Crew purchases. :)

  10. i love the sequin cardigan!! i have a couple myself and i think they're perfect as the holidays are approaching.

    can't wait to see the review!

  11. C&P - You are a smart woman! I should have just stayed away too :)

    Ping - I'm super excited about the sequin cardi - can't wait till it arrives!

    Cee - I think you would totally rock skinny jeans! I primarily got them to wear under winter boots but am slowly getting the hang of wearing them with booties or heels.

    PAG - Both you and C&P have way better willpower than I do LOL. I just checked and you only entered once :)

    Stylepint - Good job on not getting caught up in the sale! Socks don't count :) And keep up the good work on the shopping ban - I need your strength LOL.

    PXXS - LOL, you gals know my cardi obsession too well! Jeggings and tanks are great staples to get!

    PLG - Oh good! I really liked the honey color from the website and was hoping it looked good in real life too :) I was totally looking at the sequin cardi for PFC #4!

    Elle - What a gorgeous J. Crew cardi! I haven't really shopped there much but maybe I should!

    Kileen - I'm a gal who loves sparkle :D Would love to see your sequin cardis in future posts!

  12. I was so inspired by your GAP skinny jeans from the Petite Challenge #3, that I was actually waiting for the sale! When I went to my local store, I couldn't find them anywhere. So luckily I noticed the sale yesterday online and I bought the ones you got! But I couldn't decide what size, so I bought both the 2-tall and 4-tall. I also wanted the cropped skinny button jeans (that Curls and Pearls wore on the challenge), but they don't have any of the size 4 and under on sale :( Can't wait to see how the crops fit as regular-size jeans. I will do a review on them too! I've never worn skinny jeans before, so we'll see...

  13. Yay Olyvia - I hope they work for you! Looking forward to your review!

  14. Hehehe how funny- we both have these and you look way better in the GAP cropped skinnies than I do!


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