Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Cozy Burberry OOTD

I've had this Burberry check shirt for a while now, but I've never known what to exactly wear with it.  By itself, it seems a little too in your face, "hey, I'm wearing Burberry!"  Plus, today's high is a balmy 41 degrees so I definitely needed to make it cozier.  I thought about pairing it with a black crew neck sweater to just let the collar show but I wasn't feeling that preppy today so I went instead with a thick knit camel vest.

How would you wear this shirt?

Top: Burberry Check Button Down, Sz 2
Vest: Camel Thick Knit Vest, (old from Dillard's), XS
Leather Belt: DKNY (old), XS
Jeans: Gap Always Skinny Cropped Jeans, Dark Wash, Sz 4 Tall
Leather Booties: Born B.O.C. Tonya

I love the floral detail on the back!


  1. The shirt looks great on you! I've always wanted a Burberry shirt, but it's beyond my price point.

    As for styling it, I'd wear it with a solid color pullover vest/sweater and wool skirt. Or I'd wear it under a blazer and pants. Or a chunky scarf and pants. LOL. There are so many options! =)

  2. i love the bur signature check pattern! the shirt fits your very nicely!

    i think i'd pair the shirt with something girly. maybe a pencil skit and a cardigan over it and maybe even belt it. like jess said above, so many options!

  3. OK - you are seriously my twin. I have a blog post waiting to be written/published featuring my Burberry-ish skirt (it's not real Burberry but a close match).

    I think this works. The vest reduces the print nicely so it is less in your face, and this looks like a great warm cozy outfit for the kind of weather we are having.

    I also love the Born boots. I don't have any Born shoes yet, and I somehow allowed my fiance to talk me out of getting a pair at Savers for less than $10 (he thought they were ugly).

    I would wear this with dark jeans or a dark pencil skirt. Another option is to maybe add a vest over it (like the one I made from Burdastyle - free pattern download and it sews up in a few hours).

  4. Stylepint - Thanks for the great suggestions! Can't wait to try them :)

    Ping - Thanks Ping! It does have a little bit of a masculine feel so I think your girly suggestion would pair together with it wonderfully!

    littlenashua - I am a giant Born fan (and I'm so impressed with all your finds @ Savers - I'm assuming larger metro areas have better selection?) and highly recommend them especially I know you also value comfort in footwear :)

    I have a Burdastyle post coming up! It's the Kasia skirt that I completely butchered and redid 4 times. I just need to buy some buttons to attach and it'll be completely finished.

  5. this Burberry print is so gorgeous! i agree with Ping in adding a skirt to this shirt and maybe a cute scarf or something to add variety to the print. it's absolutely lovely though. I also really love that camel vest -- the flower detail in the back is beautiful!


  6. This is so cute. I love how you belted the cardigan. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  7. I really like how you wore it here! It would probably be cute under a blazer too :)

  8. This is super cute and the belting makes a big difference! I have never been into the Burberry Pattern but now you've opened my eyes :)

  9. The vest definitely tones down the Burberry-ness to a more classy look. I really like this combination, especially with the belting. Fur vests or any type of chunky vests are so in this winter, so those would work well too. Oh! I think LOFT's cocoon cardigan (I remember PetiteAsianGirl doing a review on this) would look great with this too!

  10. The Kasia instructions are a bit vague - I managed to avoid butchering, but only after staring at the pocket pieces and waist band pieces for several hours. Somehow I managed to figure it out, but the directions are actually written so that it tells you to reverse the pocket pattern pieces. If that was your problem area it was in the instructions.

  11. You look cozy and cute with the knit cardigan over this shirt. And oo, I also like Ping's suggestion on how she'd wear the shirt! At first I thought this was the one you got with your gift card but then I remembered that was a kids tee shirt.

  12. Ran out of time but I'll be back later to respond to comments - thanks so much for taking the time to write! :)

  13. Kileen - I love the Burb check print too! Especially when it peeks out of the trench collars and linings :)

    Little Dust Princess - Thanks! The vest definitely needed belting because I felt a little too rugged and "lumber jack-esque" without it LOL.

    C&P - Thank you for the suggestion - I'll have to try that too!

    Really Petite - You should try a trench or scarf! I know both PAG and AN are fans of their coats :) I'll have to post my Burb coat reviews too.

    Cee - I sooo love the fur vest look but I haven't found the right one to actually buy yet! I'll have to check out PAG's LOFT cocoon cardi right after this!

    littlenashua - It was the weirdest thing with the Kasia pattern! I took my measurements and cut out the size I needed based on the sizing chart but it wound up SUPER huge. So I slimmed it out and then it was too tight. I seam-ripped the sides a good 3-4 times before I got the right fit. I'm not sure if I'm just not apt enough to get it right or what.

    And I totally gave up on the pockets (afraid it would get kangaroo-poofy).

    PAG - Thank you! I'm definitely going to try Ping's feminine pairing suggestion :)


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