Thursday, November 18, 2010

Animal Print + Mauve OOTD

I need your fashion advice again (I'm learning, I swear!).  I generally prefer to belt cardigans but sometimes a cardigan doesn't seem to want to do this well.  Case in point, the cardigan below is a tiny bit too big and looks bunchy when belted.  To add shape to a flowy top, I tried to belt the top which looked OK but not great and then the cardigan over the top but that led to bunching.  Which way would you do?  Thank you to all you lovely fashionistas :)

Charcoal Belt: F21 (old)
Necklace: DIY Pearl Dangle

I really love the print on this LOFT top and I like the general flowiness too.  For the cardigan, I really like the mauve color and the bead detailing but it does run large.  I've been used to wearing XS from ON since petite sizing is relatively new, but it seems now that XSP is available, XS is getting bigger.

And the Etsy store is now open though a bit sparse on inventory.  I currently have 3 necklaces listed and wanted to offer free shipping to all public blog followers if you should happen to be interested :)  Just drop me a note!


  1. From your photos, I think it looks better with the belt underneath. If I were you, I'd go without any belt at all. I think long cardigans look the best when belted. : )

    Also, thanks for the heads up! I'm gonna check out your Etsy shop after this.

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  2. I like the belt underneath, but maybe a thicker belt can solve the issue. Or like TLDP said, go without a belt at all. =)

  3. I am still learning how to belt I am probably not the best advice giver since I think both versions look pretty good. :)

  4. I think it might be the angle of the pictures, but the belt underneath the cardigan looks better. I usually only like to belt long/boyfriend-type cardigans. Love the colors and prints of this outfit!

  5. The cardigan is a bit big on you but its so pretty. And def the belt underneath....great outfit!!!

  6. i love the first outfit with the belt inside. cute blouse and cardigan -- pretty colors! i think with the belt outside of the cardigan would be okay if both items (shirt + cardi) were a lighter weight material. it looks like the belt makes the cardi bunch up in the waist area.

  7. I actually like the belt over the cardigan. I have a similar fitting cardigan and without the belt it looks sloppy, but with it, it neatens up a bit. It seems that J.Crew belts everything these days, but then they also feature shorts over tights, so maybe you shouldn't take my advice on the whole belting thing.

  8. the cardigan is such a pretty color! i think it looks better with the belt underneath, but also think a wider belt would look better. the fabrics are all so flowy that a wide belt would really bring some definition into the look. i also think pairing it with some more fitting pants to counter the flowy top would give more length to the look too. hope this helps!

  9. Based on your pictures, I also like the belt underneath. But does it look okay from the back view? Sometimes I get paranoid about my back looking like it's too long if I'm wearing a longer loose cardigan or sweater with no shape. Have you tried with like a softer, wider belt like a sash belt? I wonder if those would be less bunchy on a loose cardigan.

  10. TLDP - Thanks for the advice :)

    Stylepint - I never thought of a thicker belt - thanks for the suggestion!

    Elle - Thanks Elle, it's comforting to know someone is learning too :) Though I think you look fab in all of your ensembles!

    Cee - Thanks for weighing in! It's just wonderful to have the blogger community help with stuff like this :)

    Really Petite - Thank you! It is a bit big - I love the color and beading - next time I'll try their petite sizing :)

    Ping - The belt definitely makes the cardi bunch and it makes sense that the belt would work better with lighter materials - thank you!

    littlenashua - LOL, you always make me laugh :D

    Kileen - Thanks! I will definitely try the wider belt and more fitted pants!

    Olyvia - I'm not sure how the back looks - it probably does look a little shapeless. I'm definitely planning on trying the wider belt / sash type thing - thanks for the suggestion!

  11. I think I like belt under better. I like the idea of belting, but have to admit that I don't do it as often as I'd like. That doesn't seem to stop me from collecting belts to coordinate with theoretical outfits though :P

  12. PXXS - No worries - I collect MANY things for theoretical outfits LOL!


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