Sunday, October 24, 2010

Purple Power OOTD :)

I was very much feeling "purple" today for whatever reason.  Once I had my tee and cardi, it was like I couldn't help piling on more purple!  :D  I felt pretty good about my outfit until I took pictures of it and wondered if I looked like a giant eggplant.  Help me out fellow bloggies - what do you think?

LOFT Long V-Neck Cardi, XS, $25
LOFT Tiered Tee, XS, $22
BR Martin Fit Pants (from a long time ago), Sz 4
Frye Bridget Wedge Sandals
Pearl/Ribbon Twisted Necklace and Bracelet, DIY

BR pants used to absolutely be my go-to pants but it seems like whenever I try their pants now, they are very ill-fitting and I'm not quite sure why.  Anyhow, these pants are at least 2-3 years old and I still love them. 

Back view:  I didn't even have to cut my head off! LOL :P

I thought these would be ridiculously hard to walk in, but it's really not bad.  I definitely can't wear it for a day full of errands but a day at the office was fine - and this is coming from a gal who values comfort in footwear.

DIY Bracelet


  1. I think the monochromatic look works. You don't look like an eggplant. And I hear ya on comfort shoes - I have very strict shoe criteria because I refuse to have sore feet.

  2. I love the purple combo and the tank you have on under. I am no fashion expert, so I could be wrong. I think long cardigans look better with fitted pants.
    With this outfit, I'd have picked a more shorter fitted cardigan since the pants are baggier. I think that would have been a nice balance. The pants are too short for those high heels. Maybe wear a pair of pumps with lower heels...hope that helps!

  3. I also love purple lately! I do agree with Ping though that longer cardigans look better with slim/straight pants. Right now the combo and wider legged pants are swallowing your figure. I also agree either longer pants or skinny ankle pants would look better with your Frye heels.

    Also, I wonder how this combo looks if you tucked the tiered top into the pants?

  4. Gorgeous! I love purple and wish I own more of it. I am still kicking myself for not ordering the cardi's from LOFT from when there still stocked in all colors. The DIY bracelet is so pretty!

  5. Nope, don't see a giant eggplant anywhere ;) All the colors look to be a part of the same family (or close enough anyway) that they go well together. Since you're wearing a long cardigan, I may try to belt it above the hips to create more of a slimmer silhouette at the top and bottom.

    PS - The bracelet is adorable! I have a black necklace that looks just like it from Target, which I got after seeing Lanvin's. Love it!

  6. I love to wear purple layered over another shade of purple, but sometimes, it can get out of hand when too much is matching. But I totally love the DIY necklace/bracelet! So pretty!

  7. Not like an eggplant at all LOL! I agree with Ping and PAG's comments though - did you maybe try a belt over it to accentuate your waist?

    I LOVE your DIY necklace and bracelet!

  8. littlenashua - Thanks for the eggplant reassurance :) As a teacher, I'm sure comfort shoes are even more important!

    Ping / PAG - You are fashion experts to me! Thanks for the feedback - I learn so much from my petite blogger community :)

    Elle - I know I saw quite a few of the long LOFT cardis in store, any luck at your local LOFT store?

    Cee - Thanks for the belting idea! The necklace and bracelet were definitely Lanvin inspired! Good eye ;)

    Olyvia - That was my fear too - I think maybe a couple of purple items would be fine. Thanks for the sweet words about the necklace/bracelet!

    C&P - LOL - thank you doll! I feel better about the colors now :) I will definitely try the belting idea with long cardis next time.

  9. I'm actually a huge fan of tone-on-tone outfits ever since I saw it on AN in this post.


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