Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm a Sucker for a Sale - LOFT Reviews

It seems these days that all I do is go to LOFT, but after seeing that there would be additional 50% off sale items on ReallyPetite's LOFT haul posting, I honestly just couldn't resist.  After a long and stressful day at work, I decided to treat myself with a little deal hunting.  ;)

It started out as another boxy day in the fitting room:

I really liked the print on this but it just seemed a little too billowy to be flattering.
Verdict: No

This was huge!  It fit more like a regular medium than XS - petite ladies beware.
Verdict: Way too big, no

I liked the ruffle detail but the shirt seemed too long and shapeless.  Plus the material was see-through.
Verdict: No

 Tiered Asymmetrical Top, XS, $22
I LOVE this - the asymmetrical neckline, the tiers, the color!  It reminds me of the beloved Ruffle Front Cardigan.
Verdict:  Definitely buy

 Navy Blue Blazer, Sz 0, ~$30
I thought this fit pretty well in the torso but it seemed to make my shoulders look broad?  Maybe it was my imagination?
Verdict: No

Bow Front Tee, XXSP, $17
Firstly, it's kind of a bad sign when I can fit into XXSP :P  I actually really liked this shirt from the front and the back.  It was a combination of jersey and charmeuse(?) so the fit was generally good.  But the ripple effect it has that looks cute in the front made me look lumpy/fat from the side.
Verdict: No

Dangle Necklace, $15
So cute!!!  I briefly contemplated making my own, but searching for all the components was not appealing.  Plus, $15 is a pretty good price!
Verdict: Buy

Aren't you proud of my restraint in shopping?  LOL


  1. i agree with you on -- this comment made me laught ==> petite ladies beware.
    i do love the fit on the tiered tank and the blazer (too bad you didn't get it, i thought it fit quite well, but i'm not too picky).

  2. You and I are cut from the same cloth...I have been in LOFT so much over the last week it's a little insane. I actually really like the color of the third top you tried on...the soft pink is perfect for you. I have been told that shade of pink makes me look dirty. LOL. :) I also liked the blazer that you tried on...I don't think it makes your shoulders look broad. I think blazers look really terrific on you.

    This LOFT sale has been dangerous for my wallet.

  3. I agree..nothing feels better than going shopping after a stressful day at work :) My favorite item from this post is the Tiered Asymmetrical top you bought. Good buy and I love the color

  4. Ahh it seems like everyone's hitting the LOFT sales these days. I might join the bandwagon =) I love the asymmetric neckline top on you. The color, the fit, everything! As for the blazer, was there shoulder padding? I've found that sometimes it helps to "balance out the top" if you leave it unbuttoned.

  5. I looove that teal top. I purchased it in dark blue when it was still $60 so I had to return it, couldn't justify the price! It looks great on you and will look great with that necklace too!

  6. That Tiered Asymmetrical Top is great. Very creative. :-)

  7. wow you look amazing in them all! I am only 4'11 so seeing others in clothes I could wear really gives me a lot of ideas!

    I am a new follower!


  8. Ping - Glad I made you laugh LOL! I *might* go back for the blazer, but I'm trying to hold myself back :)

    Elle - YES - great minds think alike :D I did like that pink color but too bad about the fit. Who told you that shade made you look dirty?!? Thanks for kind words about the blazer.

    PetiteLittleGirl - Definitely! There's nothing like retail therapy :)

    Cee - LOFT and its sales can be rather addictive :) Would love to see your fitting room reviews if you venture to LOFT (or any other stores too). Nope, no shoulder pads in the blazer - I just make it look weird for some reason. :P

    TinyInTexas - You should go back and get it! For $22, it's a good deal and I think it would look marvelous on you!

    Sakie and Thomas - Thanks, I do love LOFT designs :)

    Fashion Meets Food - Thanks for following and for the sweet words! I just started following your blog too :)

  9. I agree, that tiered asymmetrical top is a must buy! The design, fit and color looks really good on you.


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