Tuesday, September 7, 2010

LOFT - In the Fitting Room

2 posts in 1 day!  I'm on a roll :D

I'm a nut for a good sale and with LOFT's extra 40% off sale prices this weekend (and still going on with code NEW40), I booked it to the nearest LOFT, grabbed a small armful, and beelined into a fitting room.

Soooo...I'm not sure if I'm box-shaped or if everything was just super boxy on me...

but these 2 tops just looked absolutely ridiculous on me!  Left (can't find this one on the website anymore, but should be in stores) is sized XSP and right is sized SP.  I think these can be fixed with a cardi or belt but definitely can't stand by itself (at least on me).  I wound up finding a XSP in the green top and that fit much better (forgot the pic though!).  Each were 29.99 before 40% off.

More fitting room items after the jump!

The cardi fit fine so I added it to my keep pile (I think price was $34.99 before 40% so not a bad deal).  The top underneath was a regular size S and was HUGE - armholes huge, way too flowy, and neckline too low.

I loved the way this looked from the side - it seemed very flattering and made me feel skinny :)  But, from the front, it looked a little dowdy on me.

Only bought 2 things so YAY for my wallet :)


  1. My local store didn't have any XXSP or 00P left on sale stuff. Everything else is sold out online too. The price is definitely right for those items you purchased

  2. I've tried on both the tops too but didn't really like either of them on me, so didn't think it was worth even the discounted price. I did manage to score a 00P dress for $8 though... probably my best LOFT bargain yet! :)

  3. I think the dress at the end of your post actually looks rather stylish and elegant from the front - not dowdy at all. At least, it appears nice in the photograph.

  4. PetiteLittleGirl - I think the smallest size in my stores are XSP. Online items go fast! I put the ruffle front cardi in my cart and when I went to check-out, it was gone. I was sad, but then I tracked one down at the local store and had them hold it for me.

    PetiteXXS - Great deal on the LOFT dress! Are you planning on writing a review on it?

    Littlenashua - Thanks! When I looked at it from the front, it seemed to make my top look weirdly wide when I was hoping for a narrower / slim look.


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