Thursday, September 16, 2010

LOFT Cardis and How Many Is Too Many?

Oh LOFT, why must you tempt me?  When I saw the email for $25 long v-neck cardis, I knew I would be paying a visit to LOFT (3rd time in the last week) to check them out.  Originally, I was planning on purchasing the Berry since it was a color I do not currently have (and it looks awesome on PAG here), but when I saw the rich purple-y Vintage Blue, I had to get that one instead (also seen on PetiteXXS here).  While I was there I saw that they had a charcoal grey cardi too with short sleeves.  I had been searching for this and I had finally found it!  So I left with 2 LOFT cardis to add to my collection which brings me to my question:

How many cardigans are too many cardigans?  I currently have 55 long-sleeved cardis and 16 short-sleeved cardis.  Insane??


  1. FIFTY FIVE? Please show us a picture of your collection sometime, in color order : )

    I think I have 10 max. I'm hoping to keep only 2 from the recent LOFT order.

  2. Wow - I thought I was out of control with 17 cardigans (all long sleeve). But seeing as I am older than some of you, I figure it's ok (some of mine date back to 2000).

  3. Oh my goodness! And here I was feeling so guilty for buying 7 cardigans in the last 2 months! I think I probably have ~12 total right now if I keep all 4 LOFT cardigans. Definitely love to see a color sorted pic of your collection! :)

  4. FIFTY FIVE?!? Holy cow woman! I too would like to see a collection picture! I have never counted but I'm sure I'm nowhere close to that number :P

  5. Lol! My initial reaction was "holy cow" just like curls-and-pearls. I have just under 20 (had to go count just now, lol) But maybe only half of those get worn. I need to do some closet cleaning!

  6. 55?? That's insane! I think I have 8-9 cardigans. How is the fit on this one?

  7. That does sound like a lot, but if you wear them all, it's worth it right? I have about 10 cardigans and they don't all get worn, so I'm trying to slim it down to the ones I wear all the time. It would be pretty awesome to see you collection just to get an idea of what 55 cardigans looks like.

  8. LOL! I'm getting the feeling that you all think I'm insane :D Does it make you feel better that the 55 is composed of thick knits / thin knits / long cardis / normal cardis / cropped cardis / embellished and non-embellished? Also, I do wind up wearing all of them lol.

    The 55 cardi post is coming up :)

    PearlsAndGreenTea - This one fits a tad small (if buttoned) so I went up to a size S instead of PXS.


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