Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Need a LOFT Intervention...

I was positively giddy this morning when I got an email from LOFT about their "Buy 3 @ regular price and get 40% off" promotion.  I've been lusting after their striped v-neck cardigan for weeks.  Due to errands on the other side of the city, I went to the LOFT out there.  It was PARADISE.  For whatever reason, they had a crazy abundance of XSP sizes in styles that have long since sold out online and in the other LOFTs I frequent.  So though my goal was to only purchase the 3 things for the 40% off, I wound up taking home an armload of LOFT goodies.

So despite what I said about the plethora of sizes, I could only find this in a regular S, so it was a tiny bit big on me.

But I think the belt helps with that and makes it a keeper at $36.  I also have on the denim trousers in sz 4.  I thought they fit nicely but not well enough for me to want to buy them then and there.

More fitting room pics after the jump...

I liked the color and detailing of this top but it made me look much wider than I am.  I'm also wearing their petite skinny jeans but I've decided that skinny anything makes me look hip-py.  (Hmm, can't find the links to either at the moment.)  No to both.

Charcoal cowl neck sweater (can't find a link to this either) in XS and petite curvy boot cut jeans which like the trousers fit well but not well enough to buy right now.  I like the cowl, it's a little baggy but it's comfy and cute.  This was $30 after discounts so I added it to the "keep" pile.

I really loved this V-neck Top with Front Draping online but unfortunately the cream didn't come in Petite sizes and the XS was not only rather large in the armholes but it was also REALLY see-through.

I forgot to snap a picture of this Ruffle Bib Button Front Top, but I got it in White XS.  I like how it can be a shirt or double as a jersey cardi.  $26 - keep.

Sale rack for $22 - I love this purple and how it's fitted but not tight.  I'm also a sucker for anything with tiers.  Keep pile.

This has tiers, came in XSP, and was $18 - keep!

I love the sleeves on this and think it would be cute with a dramatic necklace (forgot a picture of this too).  $18 - keep.

I feel ambivalent about this dress.  On the one hand, I really like the print and $22 is a pretty good deal.  On the other hand, even though it's a 0P, it's a little big in the waist area.  I tried the 00P and it was still big in the waist but smaller in the hips so maybe it's supposed to be like that.  What do you think - keep or return?

Wow, that was a long post!


  1. Omg I've never seen that flutter top before! gotta go look for it now.

    Btw, I really really lilke the striped cardigan esp after seeing it on Callandra. Would you consider checking for the sz XS online? I vote keep for the last dress, even at $22. Sigh, this post makes me want to run to LOFT now. I need an intervention too after my last haul.

  2. I definitely need an intervention too... I think I brought home half the petite section of the store today lol. I also got the flutter sleeve/shoulder top in the same color :) The dress, I've tried on before and it desperately needed a belt... but I wasn't sure how that would go with the front ruffle, so decided it was too fussy for me.

  3. LOL- I love the white and gray top! Those are to die for! I think we all need a LOFT intervention! LOFT sure is stepping up their game!!!

    Great finds and picks!!

  4. Really Petite - LOL - yes, it definitely sounds like we all need a LOFT intervention! :D

    PAG - I haven't taken any tags off yet so I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open for XS in the cardi. I would order online but I hate paying for shipping.

    PetiteXXS - That is my exact problem! I'm going to play around with different belts and cardis now that I have it home and see how it looks. But like you said, not sure how that will affect that front ruffle.

  5. Loft, oh Loft, my boyfriend has let me off the hook for spending so much money buying my new wardrobe! He said I needed new clothes, so I think I'll keep shopping until he say's I have to stop! hehe : )


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