Thursday, September 2, 2010

Burberry Kids Tee Review

I was one of the lucky people to get a $50 NM gift card for being a customer they "missed."  As I perused through the site, I decided to try a Burberry Kids Tee for $55.  For $5, it was a steal!  I figured that tees were generally pretty form fitting so though the size chart suggested sz 14, I didn't want to take the risk of something emphasizing my belly pooch and went with sz 16 just in case :P

I made the wrong decision!
It fits fine at shoulders / arms / chest, but the rest is a bit of a shapeless blob.  Way too much room in the tummy department, even for me!  Oh well, for $5 you can't really be too demanding.  Next time I'll go for kids sz 14.


  1. Oh boy... definitely not worth $55! Can you exchange it for a different size or for something else? I'd hate to keep even a $5 item around if it doesn't fit because it'll just clutter up your closet.

  2. Yeah, definitely not worth $55 for the fit, but for $5, I'm pretty forgiving ;) The bad thing about this shirt is that it can't be "fixed" with a cardi / belt since the detail is focused on the shoulder. I'll still keep it for those bloaty-casual days...


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